Sunday, December 06, 2015

SAP CIO Ingrid-Helen Arnold Urges Indian Women In Leadership Positions

Ingrid-Helen Arnold is SAP SE’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Process Officer (CPO). Recently she spoke about women empowerment in India and how she foresees women in India to come in front accepting leadership roles by adopting digital technologies. She talked about women empowerment in India while being interviewed in Mumbai. With the changing trends in technology, there is a high demand for more women to come forward and accept challenging leadership positions. The digital technologies can play as major key factors. Another important point to take care of for this leadership role is the changing customer expectations.
SAP CIO Ingrid-Helen Arnold Urges Indian Women In Leadership Positions

Ingrid-Helen Arnold says that digital alone won’t be the deciding factor for the women leadership to survive. This is the high time for them to differentiate. Adaptability and sustenance are the demand of the time for the women. She talked about her challenging role becoming more challenging with the disruptive digital technologies coming into place. She said the changing customer expectations demand a great value of transformation. As far as SAP is concerned the biggest disruptor for the business has evolved in the shape of the cloud. Any business solution needs to be taken up as a business model perspective and not as a deployment model.

The time has come for women to cross all barriers by accepting challenging roles in global companies. SAP SE is a $21 billion German company engaged in providing enterprise application software solutions. Ingrid-Helen Arnold is a board member in SAP SE since May 2014. Before joining SAP SE, she began her career at Lafarge, Canada, in the finance department. From there she had a fabulous career journey. She joined SAP in 1996.
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