Monday, December 14, 2015

A Story Of Love, Romance, Despair And Beyond #promotion

Tombs of Lust by Dorit Silverman is a contemporary fiction. It is a story of forbidden love that was lived passionately. This is a thriller with a touch of erotica and high stream of drama in it. The love happens between an Israeli woman and a Bedouin man. The story happens in the heart of the Sinai Desert. But when you read, the story goes beyond what is stated above.This is a story of love, romance, despair and beyond.

Tombs of Lust by Dorit Silverman is an introspective journey of a young woman in search of her own self. This is a journey in which her identity gets a complete transformation. During a transition phase of her name changing from “Leah” to “Layla”, there is a self-discovery of her desires that were buried deep down somewhere. There is a flavor of mystery and suspense in the story. The book became a big hit in its first print and was a bestseller in 1985. The story was turned into a movie in 2002 and it emerged as the best film at the Manchester Independent Film Festival. It also bagged the best script award in the same festival.  

Tombs of Lust by Dorit Silverman presents many known and unknown faces of women and society. This is the story of unfair means adopted in the society to inhibit women going for extra-marital love affairs. This is a story of love and despair. This is a story of romance turning out to produce drastic results. This book is a must read for the sake of educating the society and showcasing its real dreadful face to the world. 
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