Tuesday, November 03, 2015

#SoftestForBabySkin Hey Mom Welcome My Journey From Your Womb To Your Arms

Hey Mom, I know you have not seen my face yet but I have seen you many times so far. Every time I get a chance to see you, I don’t let it go at any cost, whatever I am doing inside your womb. I see your smiling face whenever you are there in front of the mirror. You might not know that at that time I am also looking in the mirror to see you. Every time I see in the mirror, the Mom in the mirror says you are very cute.
It is hardly a month left now to come out and step in the real world. I am a little scary since I am not as strong and big as you and Dad are. I am sure for an unborn (or about to be born) like me, the safest place on this earth is Mom's womb. Well, before I take birth and start resting in your arms I want you to take extra precaution to care about my new & soft skin. Since this is first chance for you as a Mom, as for me as a newborn, we both need to be extra careful about me.

You: I will need you around 24x7. Your tender touch and care is most important for me. The way you take care of me now, I am sure nobody on this earth can do better for me. Every time you turn side in your sleep you are cautious about me. Every time you walk, you take your steps slowly and gently so that it does not disturb me or hurt me.

Clothes: Just see that you get the softest of clothes for me. My skin might get rashes or burns in case the clothes I wear are tough and rough. It might pain me and my skin. Just see that the quality of my tops, t-shirts, diaper and pyjamas is not at all compromised and I get best of the lot. You know if clothes are rough and hard it hurts skin not only while wearing them, but while changing too. I want you to be extra careful in this aspect. Because I know a single rash on my skin will hurt you more than it will to me. Ensure that all is natural, none of them to be synthetic stuff. Do you know that Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Oil: Hey Mom, since I am a kid and you all are elder to me, let the oil you all use is not used on my skin. For babies, I know there are special oils for application on body. Ensure to buy a good brand and established quality stuff for me. Ensure that it has to be chemicals free.

Soap: Hey Mom, I love flowers. Try to get some good baby soaps with smell of fresh flowers. But again the quality of the soap has to be on the top and also not that it has to be baby soap. Like oil, the soap also has to be chemical free. Mom, I hope you will take a note of it.

Talcum Powder: Although I am not too cosmetic savvy but I know that new soft skin always needs soft and natural talcum powder to stay cool and soothing.

Now Mom, just take a paper and pen, prepare a list of items that I will need and hand it over to Dad. Tell him to get the best of the stuff from wherever and he has 30 days for it. Bye and take care. It is time to sleep. 
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