Wednesday, November 04, 2015

PIXMA G Series Inkjet Printers Launched By Canon In A First Time Global Launch In India

(L-R) Mr. Andrew Koh, VP-Consumer Imaging & Information Center, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President & CEO, Canon India & Mr. Gautam Paul, Asst Dir & Head- CSP Group at the global launch of Canon PIXMA G Series Printers, New Delhi, India. 

India is honored by Canon on Novemver 2 by hosting a global launch (first time in India) of PIXMA G series of printers. Canon acknowledges that India is a big market and has a great potential for their products in terms of acceptability and sales. 4 new models were launched a couple of days back in Hotel Shangri-La in New Delhi. The 4 new models are G1000, G2000, G2002 and G3000. This launch takes Canon's tally of inkjet printers to 33 in India. The best part and probably the USP of these printers is the cost per print in mono as well as color. It is just INR 0.08 per mono print i.e. just 80 paise. For a color print it will cost just INR 0.21 per print. This unbeatable preposition is probably going to make it a big hit in India.

The cartridges are front facing and the consumption and level of ink in each of the cartridges is visible to the consumer. Canon anticipates to capture 30% of the market share by the end of 2016. The quality of prints which we witnessed at the event is fantastic. The printers were in action at the event in the showcase zone. This preposition has really brough a big revolution in inkjet printers. The target buyers for these printers are seen in photo centers, SOHO customers, copy shops and professional freelancers.

PIXMA G2000 
India's No. 1 complete Digital Imaging Company, Canon India Pvt. Ltd, launched high yield refillable inkjet printers globally in India with the launch of PIXMA G series ink tank printers. This is for the first time in Canon's history that India is playing host to their global launch for these four fabulous CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) printers. PIXMA G1000 costs INR 9595 and PIXMA G3000 is for INR 16795. The genuine Canon ink bottle will cost just INR 499 per unit. As discussed above the quality of these prints is unbeatable. This is due to the Technology these printers use - Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle engineering (FINE). This results in high-density print heads with microscopic ink droplet sizes. With this technology, these printers are able to produce high-resolution images and professional photo-quality. The Integrated Hybrid Ink system enables Cacon PIXMA printers in potimizing printing thereby resulting in vibrant and lively photographs and sharp focused text documents. another remarkable feature worth mentioning is its ability to produce borderless photographs up to A4 scale.

PIXMA G1000 
Canon PIXMA G series printers produce high yield and low-cost prints thus can rightly be placed in high mileage printers. Around 6000 mono prints and 7000 color prints with the help of its new integrated refillable ink tanks is absolutely remarkable. Individual ink tanks used are Cyan, Magenta, Yello and Black each bottle costing INR 499 as mentioned above.

These printers are sleek, sturdy and beautiful in design. PIXMA G3000 has advanced features like wi-fi printing, cloud connectivity make it more likeable to the consumers.
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