Friday, October 23, 2015

You are the Power of We: It is Time to Recognize THE POWER #AircelSaveOurTigers

About Aircel
Aircel stands among the top telecom operators in India with a wide presence across India. It has been known for many first and recently it has come up with many industry-first initiatives and data products. Aircel is first to bring Paper Recharge keeping in mind the increasing trend in e-commerce. It also partnered with a mobile insurance company Ingram. Another great initiative is NexGTV offering speedy and affordable video streaming.  

About Aircel’s Save Our Tigers initiative
Aircel started its initiative of Tiger Conservation way back in 2008 through ‘Save Our Tigers’. Aircel has always emphasized that every single roar is important and critical to save. The hunt is on since 2008. This precious hunt not for killing but is for saving the roars all across the country. The count was 1411 when the initiative started and it moved to 1706 and is currently 2226. Aircel has tied up with superstars like Amitabh Bachchan and Mahender Singh Dhoni whose roars are always there in support of the initiative. In this digital era, Aircel has launched TIGOJI App that is available for Android and Apple and can be downloaded from the respective stores. Who would have forgotten the Aircel-NDTV Telethons? In season 2 there was a massive collection of around 6 crores. And that phenomenal year when 16 artists united for a single cause with a slogan of strokes for stripes.

What is the Importance of tigers in our environment?
Why are we so much concerned for Saving Our Tigers? God created the ecosystem and we have no right to play with God’s creations for our selfish reasons. The food chain disturbance might cause severe harm to nature and human being. Imbalance in nature causes much harm and logically this is an irreversible process. Once the extinction happens, there is no way to bring it back. Hence, it becomes everyone’s responsibility on this earth to ensure the preserving the precious species of our Mother Nature that are at the verge of extinction. It is important to understand the severity of matter that the actions need to be taken by every one of us before these species become extinct.

How the common man can contribute to tiger conservation through simple ways
There are many ways in which each one of us can contribute to this cause of Save Our Tigers. We have to understand the Power of We. The most important thing to understand is that such serious missions can never be accomplished without the involvement of individual. Each individual acts as a building block thus making it stronger in terms of achieving the targets. Here are some simple and achievable objectives that can be owned by every one of us in a collective yet individual manner:

Download the TIGOJI App. Here are the links for Android and Apple smartphone. Downloading the app is simple, and it conveys a message about our concern towards the cause. There is no point in thinking twice for this action. This app is a fun to use. You don’t talk in your chats, you roar. You can use various emoticons of the tiger to convey your mood.

Wear The Badge. You can embed Save Our Tiger Badge in a simple manner on your picture so as to throw a signal to everyone about your love towards Nature, Conservation and Tigers.

Buy Merchandise. More than buying it is more important to use this merchandise as much as possible to spread the message in society, home, market, school, college, office, mall – wherever possible.

Write/ Draw/ Play. Every one of us has an artist within. Whatever you like to do, write, draw, speak, sing – do it passionately and add a small bit of this critical mission in whatever you do. Write a story on Save Our Tigers, or a poem. Prepare a street play to bring awareness in your locality. There are multiple ways in which you can contribute to this initiative. Bring and spread awareness in as many possible ways as each one of us can. Run signature campaigns in your individual capacity in school/ college/ office/ locality.

Avoid Conflicts. Areas near to jungles need QRTs (Quick Response Teams) in the case of any contingency. If a tiger harms a cattle or a human being by mistake there is no point in attacking back. Rather ensure to relocate the carnivore to interiors with the help of experts.

Avoid Unnecessary Penetration. It is usually a fault from our end that prompts animals to attack us. Most of the animals howsoever vicious are much more sensible than human beings and usually they always prefer to stay away in their own world. It is only our provocative curiosity that prompts us to enter in their habitats to have a look and create some adventure out of it.

Use The Power of Social Media. Join relevant groups on social media. Participate actively and prompt your friends and family members to do the same. If each one of us decide to add 5 active participants it will not be difficult to engage the whole nation. The power of masses can always bend/ break/ remove the unwanted barriers in the path. 


These are not the only ways to become a part of this initiative. There are many more innovative ways to do it and in fact, everyone of us can do it in our own ways and capacity instead of looking at each other for the beginning. The beginning has already happened in 2008. It is the catalytic phase where each individual contribution can act as a catalyst to this initiative. Let us START it. TODAY itself. 

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