Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Microsoft Xbox Gaming Products in India Now Available On Flipkart Alongside Amazon India

I hope everyone who reads this post is well aware of Microsoft and their gaming product series XBox. From 15th this month XBox family products have been made available on Flipkart for online purchases. XBox One, XBox Live, Microsoft published XBox One Game Titles and XBox One Accessories - all are now available on Flipkart and are just a click away of your reach.

What is means is that the entire range of Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) products from Microsoft are now available on Flipkart alongside Amazon India. That way, Microsoft's market expansion strategy is not only empowering its consumers further but is also giving them a better options platform in terms of creating a competition among two major e-commerce retail sites of India. This step also came in the wake of an overwhelming response on after Microsoft partnered with them for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in India. Multiple portfolios and platforms are always useful for the end consumers for a better pricing and availability options.

The gaming console that starts at Rs. 34,990 is now available on Flipkart, and also at select Microsoft Priority Resellers. Xbox, as we know, is Microsoft's premier entertainment gaming brand for the TV, smartphone, tablet and PC thereby providing you a versatile option of enjoying your favorite games in your living room or on the go.

Here are the links for purchasing online from Flipkart:

Gaming Consoles:

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