Monday, October 05, 2015

Book Review: Terry Treetop Finds New Friends @tbcarmi Fabulous Cover and Story

Terry Treetop Finds New Friends carries a cheerful cover. Probably that is a good start to cheer up any kid who would be laying his hands on the book. And as we all know that every one of us has a kid inside irrespective of the age. So that way the book is good to lay hands on for anyone and everyone.

The cover has a cheerful Terry (the hero of the story) and a beautiful cat he is holding in his hands and touching cheek to cheek. The cat has a cute ribbon in her hair, wide beautiful and charming eyes; and a cute curly tail. The cat has cutely placed her one hand on Terry's arm and other on his cheek. The book has been written by Tali Carmi who is CEO of a software company but has a passion for writing for young kids. She was born in Israel. She is a proud veggie and has written over two dozen books mostly for young kids. Fabulous. The smiling Terry on the cover page is definitely going to bring a big smile on your face. The cheerful illustrations in the book are by Mindy Liang.

Hang on. If you purchase this book you are automatically entitled to get a free gift - a great, fun and educational card game for you/ your kid. Is that not fantastic? Well, Terry has nothing to do with Treetop as far as his name is concerned. Treetop is added to his name because he is fond of climbing trees. Terry is a boy with red hair and bubbly cheeks always having a smile on his face and curiosity in his eyes. Curiosity to learn new things. Terry's dad is amazed at Terry's climbing trees passion and to add a new flavour to his adventure he builds a tree house for Terry on the top of his favourite tree in their backyard. Terry is delighted to get this new gift from his dad immediately climbs up the top of the tree to inspect his new house. Terry gets so amazed as he feels himself on the top of the world while looking down on the green fields from his new house.

But the story takes a new turn immediately as Terry goes sad for a valid reason. To find out his genuine reason and what all he did to do away with this growing sadness you will have to grab the book and enjoy reading about his adventurous journey he took. On the way to his adventurous journey he finds many interesting friends. Terry Treetop Finds New Friends by Tali Carmi is really a fantastic read and a fabulous learning for young children (of any age)!

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