Tuesday, September 22, 2015

@TheDanceBibleCO A Unique Online Platform For All Dance Lovers #TheDanceBible

Come and dance in your style, freely and fearlessly. The #DanceBible is all about providing you (and in fact for all dance lovers) a unique platform where connect fluently through the perfect art of Dance. This innovative website not only aspires to provide untouched content about different (and almost all kind of) dance forms but also ensures that the aspirations of the dance enthusiasts go beyond the satisfaction level. You not only get to know here all about the histories and biographies linked to a particular dance style but also get educated on the health and nutrition facts about it. The website also keeps you engaged day in and day out by providing you all relevant upcoming events in your city. Not only this, the events are well covered with audios, videos and interviews so a to stay you informed in the best possible manner.

There are many unique features that you will find here on the portal. Two most prominent ones are the Dance Zone and Portfolios. Let us look first at Portfolios where you will find three sub-sections – Dance Portfolios, Freelancers and Dance Schools. In a way, it is a place where you will get everything and anything about DANCE. Dance Portfolios is a place where you not only find different profiles that you can sort name wise and rating wise, but you can also search portfolios country wise, city wise or name wise. It also allows you to create your own unique portfolio in a very simple and concrete manner. Just enter your city, name, country, email and various dance styles. You can enter as many dance styles as you think you fit in. You have to upload a profile image and here you have to ensure the best fit is 200x200 pixels. Now, definitely as a multifaceted and multitalented dance, you would like to upload your more pictures. For sure, you can do that by uploading 800x800 of any number of your photos, though it is not mandatory. But I would recommend you to do that to demonstrate your versatility and talent.

If you have reached a level where you work as a Dance Freelancer, you can add your profile under Dance Freelancers section along with your details, dance styles, durations and fee models. Doesn’t that sound good? And if you are part of a Dance School, you can register that too here under Dance Schools. Under Dance Zone, you find a number of interesting tabs – Dance Styles, Dance Anatomy, Dance Videos, Dance Audios, Interviews, Dance Quotes, Dance Memes, Biographies, Dance Diaries, Dance Events and the most interesting one – Dance Forum.

Dance Forum is a unique networking page where you can ask any relevant question in an open forum related to any dance forum you are interested in.  As long as your question is relevant to dance and dance forms, you are most welcome to post your question here and then let the masters in that field answer your query in a most satisfactory manner. This not only builds a strong network but also creates ample opportunities for everyone to know each other well.

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