Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#Airtel4GSpeedTest A Fabulous Direct Twitter Response from @airtelindia

What a fabulous experience you get the exact difference in time required to download a specific mobile app on various networks provided by Airtel. That is really wonderful and a breakthrough in technology and customer experience. This also shows the serious bent towards customer satisfaction and awareness drive by Airtel. It is very simple to run this speed test and a very short span of time – almost in real time you get a response with the exact statistics.

You just need to go to twitter. You have to tweet in a simple template/format using a hashtag #Airtel4GSpeedTest sending the tweet to Airtel India twitter account. The format of your new tweet has to be - @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest

The difference in download speeds shows the tremendous beauty of speed of 4G network as compared to its predecessors 3G and 2G networks. This fabulous drive from Airtel is termed as ‘Direct Twitter Response’ which is quick to get you the information required in a very simple but amazing fashion. You send the tweet using the simple template as explained above and within few seconds you get the infographic response.

I enquired about the download time of Whatsapp and the difference in time required on various networks is stunning. The app will require just 18 seconds downloading on a 4G network. It will take one minute and 57 seconds if the mobile is on a 3G network. And the time taken for the same app on a 2G network would be 73 minutes and 20 seconds.

This is a fantastic experience for the simplified way of information any user would seek regarding the time taken by an app to download on various networks and it also reflects the stunning speed of a 4G network.

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