Sunday, June 21, 2015

Polka Cakes Are Fantastic But Delivery In Time Is A Question Mark

The phone number mentioned on Zomato for Polka Rajouri Garden is wrong. It is a responsibility of both parties to get it corrected. More attention must be given by Zomato for verifying the contact numbers of all food outlets mentioned on their portal. This verification process must happen on a regular frequency.

Polka Bakery & Snack Bar in Rajouri Garden is a known place for cakes and pastries.The cakes are always fresh and there is never a question about the quality. Delivery commitments and timelines given online need a lot of improvement, especially during the peak times and high demand period. Like today I ordered two cakes at 4 pm and the delivery time committed was 6.30 pm. But it took many phone calls and almost two extra hours to get my stuff delivered at home.

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