Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ladies And Gentlemen, Get Your Myntra Mobile App #ItsPersonal

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my previlege to stand in front of this esteemed gathering. Please allow me to introduce my new mobile app designed in a special personalized manner for each one of you. I am Keshav, the marketing head of Myntra and I am presenting Myntra mobile app to you. Your smartphone is selected purely on the basis of your personality and needs and the same intent has been kept in the mind of our designers and developers who have put their best of efforts to produce this state of the art app to reside on your smartphone and server you in the best possible way. 

My friends, the Myntra app that we have designed for you has evolved to its final shape after a lot of research by our learned team of experts in the field of user interface, usability, quality and speed. We did a large scale of interviews, surveys and pollings of different segments of end users, belonging to various age groups and geographies. We took care of the recommendations prescribed by each one of the participant and evolved this app in such a manner so as to cater to the needs of each one of you in a very personalized manner. I am sure when you use this app on your smartphone, each one of you will feel as if it has been created uniquely and precisely for him or her. That is the beauty of this app.

My dear guests, this app works on all mobile platforms. We did not want anyone to be left out to enjoy the benefits of this app. So whether you are using an iPhone, or are using Windows or Android operating system, this app promises to server you. My whole team at Myntra want to ensure that each of our customer or prospect using our app is our exclusive connect. We were doing fantastic with our desktop version but then we felt that our end users are not fully satisfied as they were missing this smartphone app to get a personalized touch. This way were are connected in real time, all the time, and are just a click away. That is why we decided to shell off the desktop version and now we are app only. It is now exclusively your choice, your taste and your style. All of this is there now on your most personal gadget - your smartphone.

Though there is a tremendous increase in mobile app users but we found this as our best way to convey our message that we are there now for you, all the time, wherever you are, through the Myntra app on your smartphone. So, cheer up, don't wait anymore, download the app and start enjoying your Myntra journey in a most hilarious and personalized way. Now buy apparel, footwear, accessories and much more on the move. We are, as you know, India's most loved fashion portal having 200k+ styles and over one thousand bestselling brands. We are there to serve you in the best possible manner, in a most unique way. 

Friends, this is only just a beginning. You are invited to be our featured members of the day by sharing your special moments, experience and feedback with us through the Myntra app on your smartphone. It is now all about your stylist, your profile, your content, and your updates. You enjoy the journey by managing your orders, inviting your friends, discovering something special, and buying the brands you love to wear. 

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