Friday, May 29, 2015

Increase Website Traffic: 8 Ingenious Ways

Increse Website Traffic

There are many ways you can increase website traffic. I am listing down few most important ones:
1. Excellent design: A poor design kills visits. Design is the first point of grabbing customer attention. Content comes next.

2. Fast to load: Technology has surpassed under-maturity stage and has reached to its optimum level. Use better technology so as to make pages light to load faster.

3. Perfect navigation: Ensure right navigtion of pages, content etc. Also doubly check the grammar etc. 

4. Right stuff for the target audience: You must be well aware who are your target audience visiting your website. Build the  complete framework accordingly.

5. Enough mix of content for all business stakeholders: Websites have diffrerent stakeholders visiting for different purposes. Build engaging content for each stakeholder group.

6. Customer interactions: Ensure to engage your customers and build interaction scenarios.

7. Forums: Build forums, communities. Every website has enough need and scope of it.

8. Support/ suggestions/ contact us: Be open for providing the easiest possible ways for support seekers, suggestion makers and anyone who wants to contact you for various purposes. Different entities serve the purpose better.

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