Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Samsung India Electronics Enters New Financial Year With A Loud Roar

Samsung India Electronics has started the new financial year with a thunderous roar by grabbing prestigious Golden Globe Tigers Award in two categories. While the one award goes to supporting and improving the quality of education, the second one goes into their kitty for the Best Project Collaboration. Both the awards are awarded to Samsung for their best efforts and achievements in contributing to society. The recognition is for the great efforts done to empower needy children and youth by supporting them for improving the quality of education, under the banner of their CSR program. This initiative is named as “Samsung Smart Class”.

The other initiative termed as “Samsung Technical School” came into the limelight for the excellence for Sustainability Leadership under Best Project Collaboration. Samsung was awarded last week in a grand ceremony in KL (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia.

The concept of Smart Class was initiated to fill in the digital gap in our country and if this digital gap is filled intelligently the quality of education delivery can be improved tremendously. That is what Samsung did by implementing Smart Classrooms for disadvantaged children having a zeal to learn and get educated but lack resources and money to avail it. The Smart Class comprises of Samsung interactive whiteboards, laptops and printers equipped with Wi-Fi, and remotely delivered sessions where expert trainers share their knowledge and learning to remove the geographical barriers. These sessions are interactive and real-time. Since the launch of this concept more than 120,000 children and youth have been educated attending their classes in around 200 schools, all across India.

The initiative is fabulous as it benefits students in two ways. It not only providing them the state of the art training stuff with a world class delivery methodology but is also making them aware of the technology with a hands on exposure.  Otherwise, for most of them working on a laptop and printer would have been a never fulfilling dream. 
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