Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A Unique Boat School To Keep The Children Off The Streets Of Varanasi

How do you do the good part in your life? The Good part, like giving something in terms of kind, money or your valuable time to someone who needs it and then asking for nothing in return. That is like the real good thing that you can you in your life.

The story is about a unique and innovative approach taken towards adding a constructive angle to the childhood and youth living near the banks of river Ganga in a well-known city of Uttar Pradesh called Varanasi. These kids would be engaged in wasteful activities and spending their days pass by without any value addition in their lives. These kids would either be playing throughout the day or shall be forced by elders to engage in some kind of local trading so as to earn some bucks. Neither these bucks are substantial enough to get enough food for their families nor are such activities going to give them any learning in building up a good career. So mostly, the most delicate and potential phase of age where learning is at the peak, these kids stay deprived of this.

Someone noticed that the kids living in these areas have no facilities to get educated. Neither the kids nor their elders are having a concern towards this aspect of their lives. All this inspired a true leader by heart, Ajeet Singh, who came forward with some brilliant ideas under the banner of an NGO named Guria. The idea was transformed into the reality and was termed as “Boat School”. In this innovative approach, they would spend two hours every day in the Boat School to get real learning of life and an ideal learning environment.

The concept of Varanasi boat school has a lot of further aspirations to bring a magical transformation in terms of getting more relevant stuff like interiors, library, books, games, educational toys, computers, painting kits and #Scholarship for these kids. for these kids. To fulfil Ajeet Sigh’s Journey of doing right, by devoting his full energy and life for this mission, various kind of support and contribution is required from all corners. To understand more about this mission one can visit the campaign site to understand the dream. Someone has been his bit in a regular manner, now it is your turn to do your bit by means of understanding the mission and contributing towards it. Your support, contribution or donation, in a whatsoever small way, can do a lot for this mission. Someone has already done, now it is your turn to Do Right.

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