Saturday, March 28, 2015

#WashBucketChallenge Is All About A Pledge To #SHARETHELOAD - Are You Ready?

Finally, the day had come when I realized how much she does for me and in lieu I do nothing as substantial as I should. I always believe in the saying that it is never too late to realize your mistake. Actually there are various stages in the lifecycle of a mistake. At times, you are committing a mistake but do not realize that it is a mistake. Then a stage comes when you know that you have been committing a mistake but you do not dare to admit it just out of a fear of exposure. And then a final stage comes when you know what you are doing is a mistake, you take yourself out of that fear of exposure and turn out to be a real patriot to declare yourself a culprit and admit that you were wrong, first unknowingly and then knowingly till you reached this stage of nirvana.

The same happened with me. First I never realized that all the time when every weekend I was sipping tea, reading newspaper, watching television or listening to music and my better half on the other hand was busy with her weekend chores of which washing clothes was one of the main ones. And look at me, I never thought that it is so simple to help provided you have reached your nirvana state. So finally one fine Sunday morning I told her to do what I had been doing and let me take charge of washing clothes that day.

It was a win-win actually for both of us. I had experienced a task in practical and realized that it was not that tough as I used to think it to be. And on the other hand she got a chance to relax for some moments. After that day, it was no go back for me.

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