Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dos And Don’ts With Your Memory Card

Memory card has many benefits. It is a quite handy solution available for storing a digital file from any storage media provided the storage media has appropriate relevant slot in it to accommodate and access your memory card. Memory cards usually come in two sizes – SD and micro SD. SD means Secure Digital and micro SD is the smaller variant of SD. A memory card is supported in many of the computing and/or smart devices like laptop, netbook, tablet, smartphone, PDAs, digital cameras etc. Any device that will support usage of SD or micro SD card will have relevant slot connected with its corresponding adaptor. Once you slide in your memory card in the slot, it is ready to read or write data in it.

Some important Dos with your Memory Card:
  1. Always use your memory card in a system that is clean from virus. An infected system might use your memory card as a virus spreading media when it is used.
  2. While ejecting your memory card from any device, ensure that it is ejected in a safe mode. Otherwise, it has a higher tendency of going bad to an extent that it becomes non-usable at all. In that case, all the important data it is carrying will be lost.
  3. Like you scan your laptop and smartphone regularly against virus and malware, the same way it is very important to do the same for memory card to ensure that it remains virus free.
  4. It is important to keep a password on your memory card to keep it safe from any misuse and thereby encountering any mishap of getting your secure date going in insecure hands.

Some important Don’ts with your Memory Card:
  1. Never carry it in your pocket without its jacket else there are chances of it going corrupt due to sweat, dust, and accidental crash.
  2. Never get your memory card exposed to direct heat or high temperatures.
  3. Don’t let your memory card fall in the water or exposed to rain directly.
  4. Keep your memory card away from magnetic material.

These are some basic Dos and Don’ts with your memory card to keep it safe and deliver a longer life along with good performance.

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