Monday, February 23, 2015

@VanHeusenInd : Just Go For MYFIT And Fall In Love With Yourself

Think about the two prominent trends all these years that we have been seeing when it comes about apparels. Years back there was no concept of online stores. For any new requirement of your shirt or trouser, you used to visit your known tailor to hand him over the unstitched fabric you purchased from a fabric shop in the market. Then a new trend came where you could visit a suiting and shirting store in the market, try an already stitched shirt or trouser and purchase it.

In the former case, you had an option to specify your exact requirements regarding the collar, arm sleeves, cuffs etc. to your tailor and he would stitch it as per your specifications. But how many times did you face dissatisfaction after you visited your tailor on the said date to collect your stitched material and found it lacking on some front or the other? In this case, you were filled with a lot of anger and dissatisfaction but there was no way of getting it altered completely (though minor alterations were always possible). This dissatisfaction tagged along with that particular shirt or trouser whenever you wore it and definitely it used to nip your confidence. You always felt that something missing while you were wearing that particular shirt or trouser.

In the latter case, when you used to visit a store selling readymade garments, you must agree that you never got a perfect fitting, style and features as per your individual needs. Most of the time, you had to compromise with one or many of the features, like color, collar style, cuffs' style, pleats, length, width, fabric used etc. If the color was fine for you, the waist was slightly loose, if the fitting was suitable, the color of your choice was unavailable and so on. At times you had to opt for one alteration, another alteration, and multiple alterations followed until you finally received a piece that you could afford to wear, but it never gave you satisfaction as was in the former case.

Then came the third generation of the apparel industry that provided you 'online apparels'. You could visit any online apparel store, select your size, select already stitched stuff and place an order by paying online or COD (cash on delivery) or opting for any other payment mode. But still, the stitched apparel that you received either didn’t match exactly with the color you had finalized or the design or the size. Then you had to opt either for another round of sending it back for alteration or getting your money refunded, in case you were not at all satisfied. The multiple number of transactions created lot of dissatisfaction, insecurity, and hassles. Still, there was no solution that could satisfy each and every person to receive a stitched product that could provide hundred percent satisfaction. We all know the amount of satisfaction that a garment provides is directly proportional to the level of confidence that we carry while we flaunt it.

Then came the fourth generation of styling – a combination of online and offline – taking the best from both the philosophies – and building a scientific solution that fits in for every individual with the assurance of hundred percent satisfaction, perfect style, design as per your individual need and fitting well. If each individual gets it, it is definitely going to give complete satisfaction and hence a confidence – to its fullest – that was missing so far in life. This scientific solution is MYFIT and it has been introduced by Van Heusen. It could not have been any other store than Van Heusen to be able to provide us, this revolutionary solution.

My experience of getting my first set of shirt and trouser with this innovative concept of MYFIT introduced by Van Heusen has been excellent. I will explain the offline and online components so that the why and what of the importance of each activity in this complete process or ordering, procuring and then enjoying it for life with complete satisfaction, is elucidated.

First I had to visit a Van Heusen MYFIT store in my city. The complete list of stores and their location can be found here. On my visit to the store, I had a very warm welcome. I was explained well regarding the concept of MYFIT and how it works. First it was the concept that was explained. There is a particular need for each individual as far as fitting, style and satisfaction are concerned and due to a mismatch in the industry so far, it was never able to achieve hundred percent satisfaction for an individual. There are more than hundred fabrics to select from. Within six fits, you can find thirteen sizes, which assures you a perfect fit, customized for you and delivers to you, a hundred percent satisfaction. The sleeve options lie between half sleeves and full sleeves with three different options of sleeve size. Similarly, collars offered two options – half cut and mandarin style. Each style of sleeve and collar was first shown to me in a catalog with swatches and then it was digitally displayed on the desktop stationed there for the same  purpose.

So far, I was quite impressed with the six fits – Athletic, Custom, Plus, Sim, Healthy, and Tall. The waist size 40, for instance, is available in each fit variant, but the most interesting part is to understand which option you fit in. Probably this is going to be quite a knowledge gaining session to understand your own self - someone you never knew before. After the selection of fabric and style, I was given the corresponding size shirt and trouser to try. The MYFIT store assistant helped me in gaining some insights about myself. The trial of shirt and trouser and some discussion among my family and the in-store personnel helped us in zeroing in on the style, size, and fabric most suitable for me. The interesting part was that during this tenure which I spent there in the store, many people were being attended in parallel by other MYFIT assistants and they were also as impressed with the concept as I was.

It is really worthwhile spending time there in the store and it will be only for the first time you will be spending so much time. For your next orders, you just need to specify the choices finalized in your first consulting session. To clear off the unsettled doubts I was carrying in mind, I decided to order for one trouser and one shirt and once convinced, I thought, I would place the order for the rest. In fact, the attendant also suggested the same as probably he had read my mind. By now I was clear about the size, category, sleeves, collars, and fabric. The attendant now took me to an online portal to take me to a walkthrough of the same process that we had discussed so far. I was given the item codes for both – shirt and trouser – which I had finalized. The next part of the game was to happen in two ways – either you place your order online with the finalized garments – there and then – in the store; or the store's attendants were willing to provide me with a portal link which I could visit on my own and order online. The payment options are as simple and plain as it can be. And after receiving your stitched products, you can seek a refund in case you are not satisfied, which probably has the least chances to happen. Because the first and last motto of this new concept is to provide complete satisfaction.

You get an information of your confirmed order by an email and sms. The stitched shirt and trouser would be reaching me within the next 5-7 days, the email and message informed.

There are certain golden points in MYFIT from Van Heusen. If, in the worst case, you are totally dissatisfied with the stitched garments delivered at your doorstep, you can seek an unconditional refund. Otherwise, if there is a need of some slight alteration, just visit your nearest store and get it altered. But, there is a third facet in this scientifically designed concept and that is – you are bound to get your shirt and trouser fitting so well that you fall in love with it. This option is bound to exist substantially since the concept is so fool proof. As is clear from above, the concept of MYFIT is not a customization process, neither is it made-to-measure kind of solution. Rather, it is an innovative concept that helps you to find the ‘right you’ from among the many available options.

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