Saturday, February 07, 2015

Book Review: He's Mine! by Bernadette Y. Connor: A Well Crafted Romance Suspense Thriller

Miles Alexander is the main character of He's Mine! by Bernadette Y. Connor. He is extraordinarily smart looking, handsome, tall and dark to such an extent that every woman falls in love with him at first sight. He is instantly admired kind of personality by all known to him and the new acquaintances equally and vociferously. Miles belongs to one of the wealthiest families of the town and is an attorney by profession. The man is highly romantic in nature and is always eager to date any cute looking woman in the town. Probably no woman of his choice is left in the town who has not been dated by Miles. He is counted among most contended and carefree men. Everything is fine in Miles life until his eyes fall on Patrice Mays. He finds her stunningly beautiful and magnetic, someone he has never met in his life. They both first cross their way in the lobby of Mile’s office when the whole definition of beauty changes in the mind of Miles after having an encounter with Patrice.



Patrice Mays is quite unfamiliar with the town as she is new there and has come to a law office in the same building. They both travel in the lift with nobody else, luckily for Miles, for he got a full chance to admire Patrice. Patrice though gets convinced with Miles as one of the most handsome men she has met in her life but she is more focused on her new career and on the other hand Miles focus completely shifts to Patrice. By the time Mile is able to grab Patrice’s attention within first two days in the office, she gets a paper note coming from nowhere with just two words written on it – He’s Mine!. That is the start of the journey of Miles and Patrice in Bernadette Y. Connor’s romantic suspense thriller novel He’s Mine!



Patrice, in no time, gets hooked to Miles for the beginning of a new relationship, but at the same speed she starts getting different kind of threatening signals. She is left with no choice but to share the weird threatening messages she is getting continuously, with Miles. Miles gets disturbed on knowing about it and this takes him into the jinx in his recent past when he lost his fiancée in a road accident. Though nothing got proven in that car accident, but Miles always feared it to be an induced call by someone to kill his fiancée in that car accident that visibly appeared as an accident only. On finding the same kind of things happening to Patrice, Miles’ conviction gets stronger that someone is on a killing mission to attack every woman he falls in love with. The romantic mystery and suspense story of He’s Mine! has been well crafted by author Bernadette Y. Connor.



The suspense in the story of He’s Mine stays for long indicating finger of suspicion towards a number of characters. Overall a fantastic read created by Bernadette.

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