Wednesday, February 18, 2015

201 Words Story: And The Tears Never Stopped: #tears

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He was drinking since morning, non-stop and uncontrolled. He started the moment she had left for the office. He was behaving roughly for last many days. She knew he will be back on his cheerful track in next couple of days, based on her past experience.

The day was not normal for her in office. She was totally blank, confused and uneasy throughout the day for no known reasons. She kept remembering meeting with him ten years back, falling in love with him and then a mutual decision to get married.

He was still drinking when she returned home. Food? 

"No, I have enough of snacks. I am going for a walk along the beach. Then I will have dinner". 

But he never returned. People who were there at the beach said he kept walking towards the deep water and then vanished though they tried calling him.

Their son who was one year when this tragedy happened in her life had grown to a tall and smart boy of twenty now. He forced her to tell him about his Dad and today she had to tell him the whole incidence. Both looked into each other’s eyes and the tears never stopped.

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