Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#UseYourAnd And Show the World That You Are Second To None

I am narrating Amrita's (name changed for confidentiality reasons) story in her words. Her name is anonymous as neither she nor I would like to reveal her name and identity. But how does it matter. She is real. Her story is real. Only thing is that she still has certain hurdles to cross despite all her wins in last three decades. Here comes her story in her own words:

Hi, My name is Amrita. I was born thirty years back. As far as I can remember I was never always surrounded by women most of the time. The moment I started recognizing people and started talking, I was told by mother that all these are my aunts. All of them used to stay idle during the day but night while I and other kids around used to be sleeping, all ladies used to be at work. Earlier I was not able to make out what my mother's job was but gradually with the time and age I got to know that their profession was that of prostitution. Like my mother, all other women used to entertain visiting men and in turn get some money to run their day to day expenses.

I was forcefully put into a play school by my mother. Now I understand that her intention was to keep me away from that atmosphere as much as possible. Possibly she was also attempting to move me away from that surroundings forever. By the time I reached in my seventh standard she started getting pressure from her peers to put me into the same trade. She was totally against it while I was not very clear about what all this was about and why she was resisting against it so strongly. She managed to pull out an old relation and a final call was taken. One night I was moved to another city, to my new aunt's place and was told that I would stay there till I complete my studies and build a solid career.

I was good at studies, and the boon that life gave me was the new aunt, at whose house I was shifted. She was a teacher and paid full attention in building me up in studies much better and stronger. In my tenth standard I topped in my final exams in the state board list. Not only that, I never said no to extra curricular activities and sports in my school. I was admitted in one of the best public schools in the city where my mother had moved me to.

The tradition of topping in studies remained even during my higher studies. I got admission in one of the best colleges in the state, and reached to state level in many sports. Five years back I cleared my administrative exams at national level and got selected for Indian Police Services (IPS). First two years I was posted in most disturbed areas of Sikkim and then based on my performance, I was sent to Geneva for a special training.

One of the best officers in IPS, black belt in Judo & Karate, Gold medalist in swimming & badminton - are some of my minuscule credentials. I am also planning to publish my autobiography in next two years. My aunt and mother, both have expired within last three years. Five years back I took my mother out of that mud and brought her to my new house. I could see the eternal happiness on my mother's and aunt's faces when I had got selected in IPS. Probably if they both had not motivated my I would never have reached to this esteemed level of life. If was my aunt and mother who always motivated me to #UseYourAnd and show the world that I am second to none.

These two grand ladies in my life always prompted me to explore the 'AND' route rather than 'OR' route in taking decisions and finding paths. I would not like to get my picture published until I come out with my autobiography.

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