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Book Review: 10 Stacks To Success by Jerome Jay Isip: Each Stack Is A Magic Box For Success In Life

About Author:
Firstly a little about the author of 10 Stacks To Success: How To Achieve Success One Goal At A Time. Jerome Isip popularly known as Jay Isip is a veteran industrialist and has acquired perfection in several other streams of life – be it financials, startups, e-stock trading and on top of it athletics. Jay, who lives in Belleville, New Jersey, was exceptional in lot of things during his study days except in studies. He set his own rules of life getting motivated from within. His focus stayed on life and its enjoyments without any compulsions of pleasing any school or college and thus carved his own path and set his own goals to achieve. He became a successful businessman, a renowned consultant and an expert in martial arts. Without stopping over these achievements, he has now become a known author. His self-developed methodologies have helped various people from different streams of life to achieve success with measurable objectives.

About Cover:
The cover of this book with title as 10 Stacks To Success: How To Achieve Success One Goal At A Time by Jerome “Jay” Isip is perfectly fitting in delivering the message very distinctly and clearly. There is a wall with title of this book embossed on it and at the bottom there is a ladder of currency notes. As you see from left to right, each pile goes up in ascending order. There are quite a few indicators I could sense from this. First indicator is that even if you have a wall in front of you denoting a big hurdle there are ways to attain success in life (even in those diverse or adverse conditions), step by step. Another indicator is success is always attained in steps, not a big leap in one go. Third indicator is as you keep reading the book, and let your learning go in practical way, you start gaining success in your life.
A page from the book
About Book and learning from it:
10 Stacks To Success: How To Achieve Success One Goal At A Time by Jerome “Jay” Isip is intended to enable you to understand your inner strength and delivering you power to explore it in a positive way to gain success and fulfill your dreams. There are befitting questions and quotes from the author that keep you engaged in introspection. There is lot to absorb, learn, adopt and implement in life. The main focus stays on certain important aspects of sequential action points starting with building yourself to attain extraordinary in life. Building yourself is important in two different ways – physically and mentally. Without both it is not possible to dedicate hundred percent to attain your unfulfilled dreams of extraordinary success. Second action point is to optimize your mindset in giving fullest with complete positivity and productivity. Third action point is very important to overcome your inner obstacles and hurdles – to win over your fears – known and unknown. Fourth action point is to unlock your creativity to an optimum level and that is quite possible once the earlier action points have been taken care of. The last action point is to enhance your financial position in a substantial manner. If you see, the whole approach above is very practical and scientifically fit.

The complete approach in 10 Stacks To Success: How To Achieve Success One Goal At A Time by Jerome “Jay” Isip is to reach to a level in life where all your decisions go right and get you considerable growth. Jay is quite particular about life altering decisions that are required to be taken in life at the right moment for which he has given examples of his own life. A good foundation is very important in life. There are moments when you need to redefine your path and reconstruct yourself. Change is a very important thing in life and it is very important to leave your comfort zones and adopt change. Change might be required in behavior, attitude, lifestyle, habits or for that sake all of these. Aim is always to go for self-improvement.

Each stack of  10 Stacks To Success: How To Achieve Success One Goal At A Time by Jerome “Jay” Isip is a magical gift but only if you are able to absorb the learning well and get it adopted in right manner. Definitely, if done so, there are no limits left to get the best, extraordinary and unexplored success in your life. A must read for everyone at any stage of life because of two important things – one, learning has no end; and two, one always aspires to get the best in life that this book can help you to achieve. Achievements have no meaning if not bundled with financial gains and the book has same focus in marrying success with financial gains. 

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