Saturday, December 06, 2014

My Thoughts: Writing Aggressive Blog Posts Help Only If Are Constructive And Non-Abusive

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This post is in reply to the question posted in Indiblogger Weekly Diary | Edition 1
"A lot of times we see blog posts that come up and absolutely expose certain brands/companies for what they are; including malpractices and ethics. So here’s the question “From your experience, do you think writing aggressive blog posts help in resolving and creating awareness on the situation or do the perpetrators usually profit from the bad publicity?”

Aggression is part of life and we always face it in us or in someone else around us, some time of the other, arising out of a situation or an experience. It is good and healthy as long as it does not turn into mental rioting and destruction. It is good if it is more towards an assertion in making your point. After all human mind is a factory of thoughts and actions only. :)

Opposite of aggression is suppression. Would you like to suppress your thoughts or prefer to let them out in a flow - at the time of any pain, anguish or cheat?

My view is such aggressive posts are building blocks in three ways -

  1. If it is too harsh and insulting, it teaches other bloggers to not to write to that extent when they have to express their feelings. But even in that case if the post is not intentionally insulting, one can make out and at least create a substantial amount of awareness to investigate further against the company and product in question.
  2. The company or product against which the post is written, will definitely take a note of it and will try to understand the real pain behind it in the mind of the blogger/writer. If the reason of pain is really due to some deficiency in their service/product; it would be a building block for them too, to improve, if they wish to, and reach to a stage where no such pain/anguish comes into the life of anyone due to their service/product. 
  3. It helps in improvement in writing to the blogger to - who has posted it, in terms of remarks posted by others and by revisiting to his/her post again. Usually when we are rookie/novice we are more explosive in our thoughts and less careful towards the harsh words or how others will take it. But gradually things improve and explosion or aggression starts coming in a constructive manner.

There is a downside to this also. There are certain instances when such insulting posts are intentional with some wrong motives. But such posts do not get much attention and go to their natural early death. In such cases there is no way that the perpetrator is going to gain anything and probably would be harming him/herself.

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