Sunday, December 07, 2014

Book Review: Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride by Nim Gholkar: An Engrossing and Emotional Story

If you believe in magic of love, true love, then this book is for you. If you think that nobody in this world is perfect to make right choice every time he or she is at a crossroad, then again this book is going to deliver you some interesting stuff throughout. And if you feel that before you take action on someone’s mistake – someone close to you in life, hold on for some time and introspect within to check if you are one of the reasons for this mistake, and you have the guts and wits to realize it; and have heart to pardon the mistake; then again this is an interesting story to read on. The book I am talking about is Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride by Nim Gholkar.

The last chapter of Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride by Nim Gholkar made my eyes tearful thrice – at three different instances happened in the climax of the story. The story is quite engrossing and interesting to keep you connected with the main characters of the story. Lead character of the story is Anjali Jathar, a young girl from Maharashtra, who unexpectedly gets married to a boy of her caste residing in Australia, thus becoming an immigrant bride. Anjali is married to Ravi and is destined to travel alone to Australia after getting married, getting her visa etc. The story period is somewhere around 1998. Ravi is a divorcee and is settled in Australia during his study days. After completing his studies there, he got a very good paying job but in lieu of demanding high level of engagement with work even during working days, and substantial amount of travel across Australia.

After moving to Australia, Anjali, the central character of Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride by Nim Gholkar always found a silent distance between Ravi and her the moment she met with him at the airport after landing there. For a long time she keeps thinking and in fact pointing out the same to Ravi regarding his high amount of engagement with work and less involvement with her. Ravi on the other hand is a man with lot of dreams to be fulfilled for which he has to get faster promotions and to earn lot of money. But all this happens at the cost of his newly married life where he is not able to pay attention to. And Ravi also decides not to get a child, at least for next 5 years, till he is well settled and has earned good money. Except love, time and attention from Ravi, Anjali has no other scarcity in life. Ravi in a way is quite dominant on Anjali regarding whats and hows of life which she is not able to absorb well.

Finally Anjali decides to go for job and that brings in a big storm in her life. The engrossing story of Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride by Nim Gholkar takes you through the confusing state of Anjali where she gets stuck on whether to listen to her heart or to her mind…

Overall a very interesting, engrossing and emotional story woven extremely well in Unravelling Anjali: Diary of an Immigrant Bride by Nim Gholkar.
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