Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett: A Must Read For Gaining Inner Strength

Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett published by Life Rich Publishing is an excellent memoir/autobiography of the author starting with her childhood when she was in fifth grade. It is about a successful growing up to adults along with her siblings and a considerable contribution to the society in various ways. As per Hailey the best foundation to a childhood is the stability during that stage that enables a child to grow up into an actively practical adult contributing in fruitful ways to the society. If there is a lack of love and attention at this stage of childhood, the deep rooted penetration of this craving for both ends up into an adult with low self-esteem and confidence.

Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett discloses the clandestine of a child who faced physical, emotional and mental abuse at that nurturing stage where it was the most important to get personal care and love; and thus gets broken inside shattering inner strength. The story has been written in such a constructive and bold manner that it touches your heart, mind and soul altogether, thereby making you sense and feel the grief and pain faced by the author. As you read along, the story shakes your inner self to experience the bad phase of childhood author had to go through. But instead of breaking down totally, Hailey kept herself morally uplifted and strong, keeping her faith intact in God. The story tells us that despite all kind of setbacks in one’s life, keep your belief intact that there are certain promises made by God to each one of us which take the shape of reality sooner or later bringing goodness in our life and turn our life into a winner and fulfilled.

 Changing Lanes: From Hell to Heaven by Hailey Rose Barrett is a must read for everyone as this book is meant to boost any person of any age irrespective of geographic locations. 
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