Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Godrej Interio: A Change of Interiors In House Can Transform Your Life As It Did To Aishwarya Sakhuja

It did not happen the way it was to be. The initial opportunity was to visit the house of a celebrity, interact with the family members of the celebrity who are living in the house and find out the transformation that has taken place from their own mouth in their own words. Someone was to be there from Godrej Interio to help and coordinate the communication  because a lot was to come out during these interactions that could only be answered by the experts.

First twist was the location. It was not a celebrity's house but Godrej Interio MegaStore in West Delhi. Probably the celebrity finalized but not disclosed by then would not have liked us to visit his/her house and chose this path to meet us. Or probably by that time, among the shortlisted celebrities, none was finalized. Well whatever it was, it was going to be something different. Something related to house, the most loved and secured place in one's life. A place where we live, rest, relax, think and so on. So my house must be the most motivating place for me, most lively, most lovable. And to make it like that, we usually pay all our attention without bothering about the money going into it. After all life is more important than money.

Second twist was the change in location again. Rather than in West Delhi, we now had to reach Godrej Interio Store in Gurgaon. Earlier as per initial plan, when we were told to visit celebrity's house, we were to witness the location where transformation had happened, the post transformation effect. Now we were about to witness the source of transformation, the multiple transforming articles, the generators of transformation, a Godrej Interio Store. And along with that, we were meeting with someone who was to share his/her firsthand experience with us - to explain the difference between before and after, and its effect in their life.

The secret of celebrity was disclosed a few moments before the scheduled time of start of event, of meeting with the celebrity, and sharing of transformation experience by her. It was none other than Aishwarya Sakhuja, the Delhi girl, who was Miss India Finalist, 2006, and got fame from her first serial on the idiot box, Saas Bina Sasural (well it is hindi wala Saas and not 'software as a service'). Quickly glanced through her twitter account and captured some pics of her from there.

Source: Twitter @AishwaryaSakhuj
Source: Twitter @AishwaryaSakhuj

Source: Twitter @AishwaryaSakhuj
Source: Twitter @AishwaryaSakhuj
There she was, well in time, and straight to the business - we started discussion after a small introduction of her. She was the first to start, to share her experience, about the transformation in her house, done by Godrej Interio. The process goes like this. You know something is missing, or is not in place, in the house, but are not able to find out - what and why? That is where the experts are there - the consulting experts from Godrej Interio to meet you, understand your dream transformations in the house but not happened due to any kind of constraints (space, idea, implementation etc.). The experts examine the house, interact with you (you means the owner of the house or the members residing in the house).

For Aishwarya, it took a while for her to convince her father, who is with army background, to go for this consulting, by inviting Godrej Interio guys at home. But gradually he agreed. The battle was still not won. It took again a lot of discussions and time to convince her father, as she stated, for implementing the changes suggested by Godrej Interio home interior experts. But finally he had to surrender to her daughter and agreed for the changes to happen, as were suggested. For Godrej team, it took around 3.5 days to transform the living and drawing room. The battle was won, finally. As told by Aishwarya, her father, who is always against boasting, was the first to invite his neighbors to boast about the transformation in the house.

Here are some pics from the event:

with Godrej Team

Probably a small move can bring a big change in your life for a lifetime. :)

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