Sunday, November 09, 2014

Book Release: 2014 The Election That Changed India by Rajdeep Sardesai: Self Gain Focused Book

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That instinct for years which is carried out within as a press reporter, of reporting in most sensational and crispy manner, of reporting with full of spicy matter, and of reporting with an extremity of words chosen. How that instinct can be shelved off, when a reporter who worked for around 30 years, having it as his main profession and career, all of a sudden decides to write a book. Being a political reporter, Sardesai, could not do a full justification with the book he has recently written 2014: The Election That Changed India.

Definitely whether the election 2014 has changed India or not, or if Rajdeep has been able to capture it in an unbiased manner (which is too difficult for him!), it has changed Rajdeep Sardesai to an Author. An author is supposed to be carrying a higher amount of self-esteem and has to be more ethical in terms of his writing as compared to a press reporter. A press reporter prime mission in his reporting is to create a sensation, by hook or by crook. A press reporter, for most of his writing, keeps playing between just a few things - facts, observations, rumors and gossips (FORG). That is what a life of politics press reporter's life is. To keep gathering forg from anywhere and then making it crispy and flavored with the game of his words, and getting known among the peers, that is what is done.

The sanctity of the book 2014: The Election That Changed India is doubtful and so does it become for the reporter turned writer Rajdeep Sardesai as far as this book is concerned. How much of the written content is with 100% authority as truth, nobody can vet. Each word and line are as controversial as it can be. The topic and content have been chosen with the same send of sensationalizing the matter, being fresh, on a national level and get publicized (and sold) as much as possible taking the shelter of politics and writing unethical and doubtful matter about some top level politicians of India. Probably most of the places, author Rajdeep Sardesai forgot that he is writing a book and not a report and hence the whole thing - the title, as well as most of the content, looks like a reporting matter rather than a serious and thoughtful book. 

Also, the reporter turned author has forgotten that the complete base of his career is reporting and politics that started giving him his first piece of bread when he started his career. And by the grace of God, after becoming an established reporter, how could he forgot that and write anything not so sensible, of gossip in nature, and not too meaningful. The only motive of this book seems to be gaining the sale and earning money, as much as possible, in any manner.

By the way, a writer can never become bigger and larger than the situations and characters of his book. But to understand that, a reporter first has to think like a writer, totally coming out of the blanket of the reporter. 

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