Thursday, October 23, 2014

Short Story: Seven Days With Nature, Away From World And Virtual World

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I never had imagined I would be reaching at this isolated, barren and unexplored island. That too in this condition - no laptop, no mobile, none of my gadgets with me. I don't believe it could happen this way. I had just decided to go swimming on the sea shore near to my home and hence didn't even take my mobile phone with me. It was just me wrapped inside my track suit. The beach was almost vacant being early morning hours. In half an hour, there would be morning walkers and joggers. I had just stepped in the water and there was a huge wave that engulfed me inside and took me deeper in water. I didn't get even a second to shout for help though there was nobody around.

Later I realized that it was not a tide or a huge wave, it was some huge sea animal that had engulfed me inside and spat out me here on this barren land without harming me in any other manner. But this was not less than any serious harm. I was here, nobody around, and no means to contact anyone as I didn't have my laptop, mobile, dongle. Now what. I decided to take a walk inside the dense jungle of trees on the island. The wind was quite soothing. Initially, the path was wide, but gradually it became narrow as the density of trees increased. I raised my arm to check time in my wrist watch. The arm was barren as much as the island. Oh! I had not  bothered to wear it in the morning. It would be around 10 AM, I thought. The sun was at the top but filtered sunlight coming through trees was not enough to provide enough light and it was almost dark. I decided to turn back and walk towards the direction from where I started.

I felt I should have some water and something to eat. But how and from where? I decided to find it out on my own as there was no one to help and I had to survive. My mind started running fast and the whole universe was of no means to me here except the ecosystem here. I found a long stick and a short tree with some kind of strange fruits hanging. With the help of that stick, I was able to grab some of those fruits. I took a bite of one of those fruits and it was as if something tastiest I had for the first time in my life. It was full of juice and pulp that satisfied my thirst and hunger in one go. So the fear of food was gone. Now I had to think of safety so that I by night I would be able to sleep.

The surroundings were so calm and soothing. The wind was blowing and trees were dancing in a rhythm. It was a kind of slow dance. I started enjoying it by now. Soon I saw some birds - small ones and having different colors. As if nature was talking to me now. Trees dancing, birds chirping and I was totally away from my virtual world of mobile and laptop now. It was as if I had reached a wonderland helping me in finding and knowing myself. As the day passed, I decided to take a sleep near the shore by leaving my safety in the hands of God.

Didn't know how many days had passed but with everyday routine of having those fruits, seeing trees dancing and talking to birds, my time had passed with no connect to the world. I started marking on a tree with the help of a sharp stone the nights. Before every sleep at the time of day end, I would put a mark on that tree. Moonlight and sunlight were the only sources of my light.

This was the seventh mark I had put on the tree and after that I slept, as usual. Early morning there was a huge uproar of sea waves and the water had reached near to where I was sleeping. All of a sudden there was the same high tide (in fact the same huge sea animal) that came near to me and engulfed me once again. And by the time I try to realize and think of doing something to get out of it, I was thrown back on a shore. I quickly jumped on my feet, and found, it was the same beach where I had decided to take a bath seven days back. It was the beach near to my home. 

And so I was back home, after 7 days of break for the world and virtual world, into a different world, the real world, full of nature.

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