Friday, October 03, 2014

Poetry: My Earthy Possessions In Earthly World: An Interaction with the God

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I prayed to the God
give me a power
to build a hefty bank balance
that lasts for long
till I die
so that I never starve.

The God replied
But on one condition.

On asking about what it is
The God said
you will have to build a parallel
bank balance of your life
in which you never fell short
of respect for others
but not at the cost of
your own respect.

I prayed to the God
Give me so much of material possessions
that stays more than enough 
for me, wherever I go
on this Earth.

The God agreed on a condition
that the whole world is yours
wherever I go
the lands, the rivers, the oceans and the hills
the winds, the birds, the animals and the mankind
only as long as 
you care for them
but as a warrior
and not as a 

I prayed to the God
Provide me with so much 
beauty around me and 
A healthy body to me
to enjoy every moment 
of life.

The God said - possible
but only if you promise to
keep your heart clear of filthy desires
to maintain your inner beauty.

And then the God gave me 
a Mantra
If you stay honest with me
and yourself
for each moment you spend
in a disciplined manner
the value of your treasures
will always match with
the value of your


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