Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review: Conquering Challenges: A Working Mother's Story by Elizabeth Blake

Conquering Challenges - A Working Mother's Story by Elizabeth Blake is a heart touching nonfiction autobiographical memoir that makes us conversant with the extreme amount of toughness faced by Elizabeth Blake in a wake of balancing her work life and motherhood where each end demanded full attention and focus. Being in the medical field, her job required full attention and professionalism without an iota of carelessness. On the other hand, she had to always keep thinking about her daughter who was being raised far from home. 

Elizabeth, to increase her earnings so as to take proper care of her daughter had a tough time while searching for a suitably paying job. This job hunt kept her on her toes from Minnesota to Hawaii and afterward to Arizona. But this struggle never lets her  bend down and she kept learning her lessons of life on her professional as well as personal front. This learning helped her in facing every situation in whatsoever worse form. Conquering Challenges - A Working Mother's Story by Elizabeth Blake is a story of dedication and conviction expressed in a quite intelligent and constructive way.  Usually under normal circumstance a woman with no other means of earning, and having a very young baby daughter who is solely dependent on her mother, would surrender easily. The memoir shows the inner strength that helped Elizabeth to keep going and never give up under any dire consequences. 

Everyone suggested Elizabeth give her child, Amy, for adoption that she ignored and decided to face the challenge on her own. Elizabeth had to take college classes soon after Amy was born so as to pay for the babysitter. And then there is a couple who is trying to adopt her daughter for which Elizabeth had to stay firm for not letting this happen. A long struggle in her life goes on when she is studying for her degree, working for her earning to take care of Amy keep searching for better opportunities in whatsoever kind of job comes in her way - Teaching, Photography, Lab technician and so on. 

Overall Conquering Challenges - A Working Mother's Story by Elizabeth Blake is an interesting read in understanding the amount of difficulties faced by a woman to keep a balance in her job and motherhood. It also reflects various kinds of problems and experiences encountered by lab technicians while working in hospitals during normal and emergency workings.  the book has been dedicated to all working Dads and Moms who face the similar kind of tough conditions in balancing between the demanding job, financial crunches and parenthood.

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