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Author Interview:Sgt Clyde Hoch: I Never In My Life Expected To Write A Book: My 6th book Is Out Now

I live in the same home I was born in. My family owned this home since 1969. I went into the military 3 days after graduating high school. I worked as a brick layer. Most of my time I worked in a printing plant as a printing press operator. I am retired now and devote most of my time to help veterans,  writing and book signings. I would like to some day do a film documentary on tanks.
I do not have a pen name. Clyde Hoch is my name. I write military books and I was a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, so I use Sgt. Clyde Hoch when I write.
As a child, my neighborhood friends and I used to play in the woods near our houses. We were always in the woods.
We would build huts and tree houses.
When I was growing up my ambition was to serve in the United States Army. As the time grew near I changed to the United States Marine Corps instead.

I can only read and write English. I always want to learn German or Spanish but never get around to it. My ancestors were German and Spanish is the most common language.
My inspiration comes from the great sacrifices the men and women who serve in out military have made for their country. My reason for writing is to have the sacrifices of these great people preserved for future generations.
What I dislike most in this world is people who feel they are better than others. Some people feel they will not talk to this other person because they feel they are better than that person. I wish we could all see through everything and everyone get along. I don't think there are that many differences between us that we have to fight and kill each other. Why do we do this? Why can't we just learn to live in peace and let other live in peace? 

My biggest challenges in life were getting adjusted to life after the military. I went into the military right after high school. I was in the military for 4 years. When I got out all I really knew was the military ways and it did not fit well with civilian ways.
If I could be any person for a day it would be Jesus Christ. There is so much I don't understand in life. I would like to know the answers.
My favorite books are history. I like to read about all of history, about all nations.
My first book was totally by accident. I never in my life expected to write a book. I was talking with an elderly neighbor. He told me a great story. I thought what a shame when he is gone his story is gone. I thought well everyone has a story. I put my military experiences down on a computer in chapter form. I felt I would send them  to a military magazine to see if they would be interested in them. I sent them to my daughter to proofread and she said you have to make this into a book.

My 6th book will be out this month. My first book was about my military experiences. ( Tracks Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran)
My second book was all about American tanks that were used in combat. It starts out with a short description of a type of tank used in combat and follows with stories of people who served in that type of tank in combat, beginning with World War One and goes to the Iraq War. ( A Tribute to Tankers)
My third book was about a young man who went to fight in the Korean War. He did some very amazing things. He was wounded and captured by the Chinese. He was forced to march 200 miles with no medical attention. He was a help as a prisoner of war for two and a half years.
My fourth Book is about 4 people who died while serving their country. 2 were very good friends. (A Man Down)
My fifth book is a collection of fictional stories that take place in different lands and time places. It has 8 chapters, each chapter is a different story. (Albion)
My sixth book is about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and veteran suicides. American veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Most are caused by combat-related mental issues.

I donate all my profits from my books to veterans organizations, schools, and libraries. My future plans are to keep doing what I do, help veterans.
Mush of my fiction book was taken from real life. In fact, one of the chapters is real.
My biggest concern when writing is to make sure it is real,  honest, to the point and as inexpensive as possible. I don't like a lot of excess words in a book.

I think an author needs a high level of the imagination, but I think having lots of life's experiences help, more.
My dream destination on earth is where the climate is pleasant, the people are friendly and helpful. Where everyone gets along.
While I was in the military I traveled extensively. Some of the places I visited in the military was Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan and Vietnam.
My favorite time of the day is the evening. I like to see the sunsets and all the color and beauty.

I believe India to be a very large country with a large amount of different nationalities and people. Different religions and mostly friendly people. I have met many people who came to the United States from India and liked most of them.
The first thing I do in the morning is getting a coffee and go  one my computer. The last thing I do at night is to have a rum and coke and watch TV. It is a relaxing time for me.
The last line of my autobiography would probably be "He was a humble man" The first line would probably be "he was a veterans best friend"
Nothing would be more horrifying than waking up as a woman. I am a man. I love women. There is nothing more pleasing in life than being with a pleasant woman.

All of my books are available on Amazon. I have a webpage at, that was created by an India company. I have a page on Good Reads under Clyde Hoch. In 2012, I was selected as one of the fifty great writers you should be reading by the Author Show. My books have received many 5 star reviews. My book "A Man Down" just won a bronze medal by Readers Favorite.
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