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Author Talk: Thomas Ullman: Freya Being Freya

I was born, grew up and was educated in England. I did badly at school. I could blame others for this but the bottom line is that I was very lazy and more interested in football and girls. Eventually I got to university and qualified as a teacher.

I have lived and worked in Sweden for the last twelve years. Sweden has great fresh air, public services and beautiful women (and guys I suppose too!). So I can speak Swedish as well as my native English.

As a writer my biggest inspiration is my 'mentor' who is a marvellous Australian and very talented writer. 
I started writing during a period of little work and semi-depression. Writing helped me back to happiness.

My book 'Freya Being Freya' was published in February of this year. It is the story of how a normal guy lures the Viking Goddess, Freya into the modern world and how she charms everyone she meets. As she is the Goddess of love and sex it does contain a fair sprinkling of erotica. 'Vanilla' erotica I am told!

I have a sequel to Freya Being Freya completed. This is entitled 'Freya's Daughters' and develops the story in both this world and the Viking world of Asgard. I have just started the final part of the 'Freya trilogy.' This final book is entitled 'Freya's Brother,' and is about Freyr, the wild brother of Freya.

My books are I realise something akin to magic realism. Mainly realistic and describing day to day life but with the added glamour of fantasy and erotica.

I am influenced by many many writers from Shakespeare through Dickens and the Bronte's to modern day writers such as Sebastian Faulks and Julian Barnes. And I loved 'The God of Small Things!' In the last year I would hugely recommend 'Beautiful Malice' by Rebecca James, 'The Neighbour' by Julie Proudfoot and 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed.

Away from writing I am inspired by my family, nature and more and more and more rarely these days, Manchester United.

I am hurt by listening to the news these days as the world becomes more and more intolerant. This applies in my own country and in many places. In particular the way women are being marginalised or even demonised across the world.

My dream destination in the world is sort of anywhere. I love travel!

My favourite time of day is now. The early mornings when the world is quiet and I can write. 

A few favourite films are 'Freedom Writers,' 'Into The Wild,' 'Mrs Doubtfire,' and 'The English Patient.'

My favourite food should be spicy, colourful, full of vegetables and good for you. I think that makes it Indian!

When I think of India I think of the food, colour, trains, slight guilt as an Englishman for our role in the country and deep eyed beautiful people.

I love the number 4. It seems enough but not too many!

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