Sunday, July 06, 2014

Short Story: When Krishna and Rukmini had Most Beautiful Food From Sudama

Sudama was going through the toughest time of his life when for days he had nothing to eat at home and his whole family including his wife Susheela, father Matuka, mother Rocana and 2 young children. It was as a last hope for them when Susheela suggested Sudama to go to his childhood friend Krishna and seek some help from him. With no other alternative and scope of getting food for his family, Sudama decided to travel to Krishna's palace to request him for some help to get him and his family out of dire straits.

Sudama told Susheela to get something for Krishna as going empty handed to his friend's house was against his dignity and respect. With nothing available at home, and no money in their pocket to buy anything, Susheela found a very little quantity of raw rice that she tied in a small cloth and gave it to Sudama to gift to his best friend when they meet.

After many days of walk, Sudama tiredly and in a very shabby condition, reached to Krishna's palace and after repeated request to the doorkeepers, it was finally notified to Krishna inside that someone named as Sudama and claiming to be his friend, is asking for a meeting. Krishna ran to the door instantly, hugged Sudama and brought him inside with full respect and love.

Sudama hesitantly told Krishna that he has brought something for him. Krishna saw what he had brought, ran inside and brought a beautiful bowl in which the beaten rice pieces were put. In that magical moment, the rice in the bowl became best ever dish that Krishna and Rukmini had ever tasted.
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