Sunday, July 20, 2014

How Skyscanner Helped In Scheduling Family Vacation Within Budget and Totally Hassle Free

Vacations were nearing, we all were mentally prepared to travel to some good location for family vacation but perhaps the luck was not in our favor. None of the explorations over the internet on a number of travel websites could help us in planning concretely for the vacation based on our family budget and the places we had in mind for visiting. Neither could we get any help from helplines published here and there speaking so confidently to help about travel anywhere. Alas, there was some portal available on internet in such an advanced technology era, that could get us a concrete itinerary based on our budget and locations that we wanted to visit, in no time. 

Definitely technology is there with both its hands open to cater to as many ideas as possible but unfortunately the idea factory has got stuck and no innovative solutions are coming up which are hassle free, customer friendly and seriously talk about business. But finally I found a site that had everything that I had ever wished for a good, useful, customer centric portal to be – it compares all kind of offers available over the internet – consolidating them at one place – suggesting the best of the offers and on top of that it ascertains the near to exact amount that you are going to spend on various permutation and combinations. Logically it is a plug and play portal to help you zeroing down the best of the deals for you.

Well, it was just a week away and I was really wondering how I would finalize the tour during this time. My daughter wanted to go to some ethnic place of India.  Finally we decided to take help from the excellent portal that I luckily found out well in time to help me get out of this crisis.

We decided to go to Bangalore & Mysore. For Bangalore the best return rates were as below:

So the 3 return tickets Delhi-Bangalore-Delhi cost us Rs. 24891. The journey was to start on Saturday 26 July 20124 and return was fixed for August 7th 2014. The total budget we had in hand was Rs 1 lac. Hence we were left with Rs. 55714 for travel by road to Mysore and hotel stay there. By bus to Mysore we had to spend Rs. 945 for the three of us. Now it was the turn to select a good hotel stay there with an amount of Rs. 54769 left in hand. For 8 nights we got a fantastic deal in one of the best hotels in Mysore for Rs. 11,382 in all. So we had our stay now booked and confirmed from 26th July to 3rd Aug.

We had to travel back to Bangalore on 3rd August morning for which we had to spend Rs. 945 for three to travel back to Bangalore by a deluxe bus. In Bangalore we had to spend now 4 nights with Rs 19,678 in hand. And here also with the help of this excellent portal we got the best of deal with good hotel for Rs. 18,463 for a stay of 4 nights and 3 beds in the room.

For the final day we still had Rs 1215 in hand out of our budget of 1 lac that we could decide to drive to airport in a luxury Sedan to end our tour on a sound note. Thanks to the intelligent site that helped us in deciphering our travel plan so excellently in such a short span.

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