Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book Review: Jack & Master by Karan Verma: A Superb Debut With A Promise of Lot More To Come

This is not the best from Karan Verma as it is yet to come. But there is a sincere and clear promise in his writing that he has undoubtedly the potential to produce one in the times to come. Jack & Master: A tale of friendship, passion and glory is an excellently molded and flawlessly written story of two extremely opposite guys who meet for the first time in Grinnel's University, Goa and after their first encounter they happen to meet and interact at various instances of their life - some common and some discreet, during next 20 years of their life; till both reach to a common dais to share their plethora achievements and failure in their individual lives.

Jack & Master: A tale of friendship, passion and glory by Karan Verma is a story of two lead characters Siddharth and Jack, who are just opposite to each other and in entirety and both join Grinnel's College in Goa for their Masters in Economics. Grinnel's is one of those prestigious colleges in Goa where ranking does not ensure admission in the university in the course of your choice. You have to prove your worth beyond ranking to get admission here. That is what Jack's record showed. Having a ranking of 293 would have never let him get admission here if it was only based on it, but he had certain other laurels to prove - state level sports player, awarded cyber expert and so on. 

Siddharth on the other hand is a born brilliant and topped to rank for admission. Probably the difference between Siddharth and Jack was that Siddharth was an expert of his subject and was sure to excel on his track to prove his mettle. Jack on the other hand had no set track to follow. He would carve his own path out of nowhere and succeed. Jack meets Samantha one day, who had come to visit Goa and was waiting for her guide who had to travel her to the beaches of Goa. Samantha mistook Jack as her tour guide, but Jack took this responsibility as he lost his heart to her at first sight. Samantha is already engaged to Aakash.

Jack, who was always full of surprises, accepts the challenge given to him by one of the college professor's, of hacking their college's website and does it. For this, he gets rusticated from the college thereby leaving his studies incomplete. But soon he gets a good job in a company. Both Siddharth and Jack get married to the girls of their choice respectively and start moving on their life tracks.

The story has a great amount of turfs and curves to pass through. There are so many interesting twists and turns in the beautifully woven story. Undoubtedly Karan Verma has a power to product magical spell of writing to bound his readers throughout. A lot more is yet to come from him. 

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