Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book Review: Dreams Of The Mango People by Anis Bari: Pick It Before Mangoes Go Stale

Anis Bari is co-founder of multiple enterprises – Tantra Consultancy Services, VidyaHub and StyleShop India. He is a native of Bihar and is a graduate MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines. Prior to this he did his  B.Tech from PESIT, Bangalore. Before a sting at entrepreneurship, he worked for a well-known global Indian IT company – Hewlett Packard. You can read more about him here

Dreams of The Mango People by Anis Bari and published by LeadStart Books, is an intelligent book - short and crisp - and is a must read for any entrepreneur or inspiring to become one, and all youth of India. The book gives a good insight about what is something unique that is required in a common man to become an exquisite in terms of business, profession, career and growth. How much it takes for a common man to get superior qualities. Logically and practically the same set of qualities do not work everywhere but there are certain set of qualities that act as a part of basic framework or the bare-minimum essentials to grow in life and become a little different in the crowd.

Dreams of The Mango People by Anis Bari talks practical side of life. It talks of the practical approached adopted by various entrepreneurial beginners, he himself being one of them who has seen both sides of the life - working for a corporate, and then starting his own successful ventures. There is a good amount of great insights of successful players, businessmen, professionals. Anis has in fact touched the mythological side along with the practical approaches.

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