Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Review: Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat: Management Consulting Goes Wild To Revive Mafia

Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild written by Sameer Kamat and published by Booksoarus is an interesting, comic and fun carrying story to engage with. The story is about economic downtrend worldwide that imposes lot of pressure on corporate and consulting firms. One of the consulting firm belongs to Michael Schneider, losing its existing clientele in a faster pace in comparison to acquiring of new clients thereby impacting on his business and sustenance of team.

In such a scenario where corporate are struggling to survive and sustain their growth in terms of financials and customers (though both are interconnected), there is a mafia group headed by Stephen Woody having his headquarters in downtown L.A., that intends to hire Schneider Associates, a management consulting firm situated in Santa Monica in Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild written by Sameer Kamat. In this interesting comical story full of fun and run, Stephen Woody runs a Real Estate business to dodge government agencies because behind this business, Woody's real business is running gambling, porno and various kind of gangs. Woody is married to a beautiful model Angie who is almost half his age and one fourth of his fatty body.

Woody being not educated, and getting all these running business inherited from his father, is able to understand Schneider and team as business doctors as told to him by his wife Angie and since the health of his business is deteriorating, he definitely needs to talk to a good business doctor to revive it back to its healthy state in Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild written by Sameer Kamat.

After initial resistance to get associated with a mafia, Michael Schneider finally decides to provide consultation to Woody's businesses in wake of getting a good hefty amount in return from Woody and thus dreaming of getting his consulting firm reviving back to a sustained state where further growth can be thought of instead of seeing it dying in wake of having no business/ customers. Schneider agrees to train Woody's team on how to revive their dying business back provided his or firm's name is not officially tagged with the mafia corporate openly.

And once Schneider gets into the businesses of Woody to understand its current state of health and revenue, he points out quite a useful indicators to Woody to act upon so as to get Woody's mafia business back on track by getting their clients back from the competitors. While getting all this revival process of grumpy Woody's business, the tall, smart and handsome Schneider lands up into the bedroom of Angie, the beautiful wife of Woody.

Overall an interesting story to go for in Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild written by Sameer Kamat.

Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball and Booksoarus.
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