Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: Secret of Omordion: Nande Orcel: Mesmerizing Story and the Art of Storytelling

Interview of Nande Orcel in my earlier post, will highlight two things instantly - her intense and in-depth answers to the questions; and her magnificently glittering smiling face in every picture of her there. Her debut novel Secret of Omordion: Book One of the Omordion Trilogy was released in October 2013 in three formats - e-book, paperback and hardcover and all three did well in terms of demand and readership. This 384 pages book from Abbott Press a division of Writer's Digest, guarantees to take you to a flight to unseen land of never visited world of fantasy. Only regret at the end of this novel was that I didn't have the next part of the trilogy series to carry on - though I was desperately engaged in the story so deeply that I wished to have it instantly.

Nande Orcel has done a remarkable job in writing her debut Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal fiction novel Secret of Omordion which has everything you would ask for in such novel; and absolutely to a level of "beyond" expectation  in all dimensions. The story is about five teenager's called from different locations of the country and were collectively named as Omordion's Hope.

The five teenagers - Atakos, Cristaden, Fajha, Zimi and Zadeia are called from their existing locations so stay away from their parents in an isolated state in far off boarding school to get groomed under the guidance of Hamilda, who once was the student of the same boarding school in her childhood, when she met with a tragic end of her parents. The purpose these five teenagers in the boarding school is to learn and groom their intensive powers within them under the guidance of Hamilda so that after 15 years they become capable and strong enough to take reigns of their country and fight against the enemies who constantly keep attacking their country from various directions to defeat and takeover the power.

And then all of a sudden one morning Hamilda is found kidnapped from her hostel room of the boarding school where she was mourning for the death of her husband who had been recalled back post his retirement to fight against the powerful enemy attacks and save the country.

The story has huge amount of imagination with no downfall in reader's interest by keeping it intact throughout. The characterization five teenagers chosen in Secret of Omordion by Nande Orcel is excellently and distinctly defined in such a manner that it takes a moment to align the name of the character encountered in the story and its characteristics. The five teenagers basically belong to Dokami clan and so does their teacher Hamilda. Dokami clan is supposed to be a derivative of people from various other planets with immense amount of various kind of powers and energies within them. That is what happens with the kids too when the start their hunt for their kidnapped teacher, they gradually keep discovering their powers and the linkages with their emotions.

Definitely Nande Orcel has made this story of Secret of Omordion so interesting to read and enjoy that it becomes relevant to what she wrote to me about the story - "I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it". So true it becomes when things are penned down straight from the heart with a complete rhythmic bonding with the extreme imagination emerging out of brain.

Mesmerizing story and the art of storytelling.

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