Sunday, May 18, 2014

Book Review: The Tail of a Boy Named Harvey by Gregory E Bray: An Excellent Learning For Kids About Pets

The Tail of a Boy Named Harvey by Gregory E Bray is an excellent children's pictorial book of 32 pages with amazing drawing on each page pointing well to the message being conveyed in the story. The book is intended for 5 to 8 years of age group of kids. The story is about Harvey, a young boy of around 5-6 years of age with a habit of playing with his pets - a dog and a cat - in the way he feels like, without thinking about otherwise - whether the pets like the way they are being treated or not. 

Sometimes words are not that important and a picture says louder and clearer manner. the same applies to the presentation and portrayal of the young boy Harvey, his 2 pets, his mother and his habit of playing with his pets in an innocent but unknowingly in a hurting way with his pets in The Tail of a Boy Named Harvey by Gregory E Bray. Gregory has intelligently portrayed this fantastic story in an excellent manner to win hearts of all kids. Animals can't speak but all they need as pets is care and attention. Kids on the other hand are not too understanding the pains of their pets and are more of self focused in a way to put all their efforts to get more attention and love.

Harvey, who had various ways of playing with his pets never realized, being too young, the pain it causes to his cat and dog when he plays with them in whatever way he intends to. But gradually his pets started running away from him and mostly it happened that as and when Harvey would enter his room, the pets would be the first to move out, at the same time.

And then there was a twist in the story and Harvey's attitude towards his pets changed all of a sudden. One instance in his life made him realize what wrong he was doing with his pets and what all improvements are required to stop all the pain being caused to them just for the sake of his ways of playing with his pets. Cover, page size, font size, pictures - all are perfect in every aspect.

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