Sunday, May 25, 2014

Book Review: Living To Be A Hundred by Meera Shashidhara: I Played Music For My Own Pleasure

There is a similar book that is near to the theme taken in this book Living To Be A Hundred: Voices From Lives Well Lived written by Meera Shashidhara. That book I Have A Dream written by Rashmi Bansal was not liked by me because it told mostly what is already known and in a very dry manner. I would have liked it more had she analyzed situations on her own and then written rather than writing them on as it is basis. 

At times there is more behind that needs to be captured and brought forward. That is where Meera Shashidharan has taken an edge. Firstly unlike Rashmi Bansal, she has not picked big names and that sound fine because her track is slightly different. Where Rashmi talked about transformations in life and the big differences created for the society, Meera is talking about people who have lived over 100 years on planet earth, across globe.

I would not agree with the theme or the concept behind that, that only those lives are well lived that live longer. Sometimes in a shorter lifespan, a manifold multitude is achieved that people are not able to gain in longer lifespan. Still the people picked are interesting, stories are well woven and told. Few of them are quite boring and very straight/ plain while other are interesting and intriguing. 

People from different streams and different corners of the world have attained the goal of living beyond 100 years as targeted by the author have presented their lifestyle, upbringing, life struggles and habits in an interesting manner that keeps you hooked to the various living person stories in this non-fiction book Living To Be A Hundred by Meera Shashidhara.

The book Living To Be A Hundred by Meera Shashidhara was there in her backyard for want of getting published while Meera had to take a long time to take a call for ultimately go for it. It is good that the book is finally published and readers have a chance to learn about 29 persons across the world who have lived their hundred years of life to its fullest without any compromises and guilt. Then there are certain voices of wisdom in the book about life, death, God, religion, hurdles of life etc. which are again quite interesting to read.

Overall the book Living To Be A Hundred by Meera Shashidhara is an interesting read to go for and learn to live their life to its fullest by understanding various insights which are quite intriguing and introspective.

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