Sunday, April 06, 2014

Book Review: Baramulla Bomber: Clark Prasad: Fight Your Destiny, Build Hope And Make It Happen

Baramulla Bomber by Clark Prasad is an intelligently woven plot and the story has been presented in a smart way to build a quite interesting suspense thriller. There is a deep conspiracy building up against India jointly by China and Pakistan to create big chaos by means of terrorist activities. The means this time chosen by the two countries to create havoc in India are fool proof and scientifically strong enough to meet success as desired and having lower risks. The story is highly politically driven with China and Pakistan generating circumstances to get Kashmir free from Indian regime.

The roots of this enhances weapon being built go back to Indian Vedas on the basis of which Pakistani scientist builds a weapon for a mass destruction. The weapon has been developed, and tested so as to establish its credibility. There are many international agencies involved to get the crux of this destructible plan against India which include - the U.S. CIA, Swedish intelligence, Russian intelligence and Indian intelligence services working independently in isolation at times and uniting together to share information and bring each other on same platform so as to take the action against those destroying forces of China and Pakistan.

Mansur Haider is a new fast bowler inducted in Indian National Cricket Team to play against visiting Australian team on home grounds. Mansur, though has been recently recognized with just 2 national level matches to his credit, but has emerged as a strong contender with 150+ speed of his bowling that surprised everyone in the selection team. And along with this extraordinary high speed with which Mansur is able to throw the ball on ground, it also carries a good amount of accuracy and variance to make it much threatening for the batsmen. Mansur is one among many who is being traced and tracked by intelligence agencies being thought as part of this conspiracy. Aahana Yajurvedi is Mansur's girlfriend, and is an super brave girl having superb expertise in many sports.

The story of Baramulla Bomber by Clark Prasad has a number of interesting characters like Adolf Silfverskiold, a Swedish Intelligence Office and a non believer in God. He carries a pocket Bible just because his girlfriend Mikaela who is a superb musician and dancer and a firm believer in God. It is because of Mikaela that Adolf has to accompany her to Church and attend to Prayers. Carina Leijonhufvud is chief of Swedish Intelligence and Adolf's superior. There are much more interesting characters in the story - Indian Home Minister - Agastya Rathore, and a series of ministers at both sides - India and Pakistan.

The story of Baramulla Bomber takes you to the power of Om, Aum or its corresponding sounding words in other religions. In this 314 pages intelligently woven grasping and hooking story written by Clark Prasad, I could find only one mistake done by proof reader i.e. on page 268 - l is tossed off from language (Talim language --> Talim angauge). There are some very interesting quotes throughout that will hit to your heart or brain, that will make you serious, that will amuse you or will force you to think aloud. For instance there is an interesting and amusing discussion about balls between Adolf and Aahana on page 272.

Overall Baramulla Bomber by Clark Prasad is an interesting suspense thriller to keep you intact and engrossed in its plot and story throughout - right from the word 'go'. Kudos to Suraj Prasad for writing an interesting and engrossing story.

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