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Author Interview: Tammy L Kubasko: My Gift to You: The Comfort Zone

In April 2013, I realized the dream of visiting "The Great Wall of China"....
There is some real magic in believing in your dreams and working hard to make them come true!
As a young girl from a small town, her childhood dreams and willingness to work hard toward them were limitless. Her strengths were math and science. Her passions were being a dreamer, writing, solving difficult challenges, and thinking beyond conventional wisdom.

She graduated college with a Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. She has worked the majority of her career in product line management for a semiconductor company, which provided her with opportunities to travel around the world.

In her book-writing adventures, she took a leap of faith in both her professional and personal endeavors.
My Gift to You: The Comfort Zone is the first step in the next chapter of her life! This is the first book in a three-book series.

She reside in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania together with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

Your real name and pen name?
Real name is Tammy L. Kubasko Urbanski. Pen name is Tammy L. Kubasko

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood
My favorite childhood memories were front porch talks with my parents, playing outside in nature with friends, living with a boundless imagination, and being motivated to make my own money. I had my first job when I was 9 yrs old. I thrived on doing what others said couldn’t be done.

About your education
Bachelor and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

What career did you plan during your education days
During a college entrance interview, I was asked where I see myself twenty years from now. My reply was to be CEO of GM (General Motors).   

What languages you can speak and write?

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life
God, nature, and every single person, place, and message that has crossed my path.

What hurts you most in this world
When a person is treated as though they don’t matter. Every person matters!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge I faced was publishing my journal as a book. When the privacy of my childhood diary was violated, I vowed never to handwrite another journal again.  Never say never! A mysterious acquaintance that began in 2011 inspired me to start writing again. Chronicling my spiritual journey from the mind and fear to the heart and faith helped me to take a leap of faith in both my professional and personal endeavors.  In 2013, I published my first book in a three-book series… the biggest challenge but one of my greatest professional accomplishments!

If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?
I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me. 

What is your favorite genre and why?
In a bookstore, my favorite sections were always Self-Improvement and New Age.  I was always interested in exploring ways to improve as an individual and in the relationships that mattered most to me. I was always seeking to gain deeper understanding of spirituality and life beyond conventional wisdom.
 At my last book-signing event, copies of my book were displayed on the Self-Improvement bookshelf. To see the book that I authored on the shelf that I visited so many times before was a full-circle awe-inspiring moment! 
 When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing?
My journal writing began in 2011.  I made a commitment to publish my journal as book on March 17, 2013.  My first book was published in early December 2013.
My Gift to You: The Comfort Zone chronicles my spiritual journey from the mind and fear to the heart and faith.  My spiritual journey over the past couple years reminded me to stop and smell the roses and enjoy life along the way. This journey awakened me to the dreams within my heart and helped me to trust God and keep the faith.  I share my story in hopes of inspiring others to keep the faith on their own spiritual journeys.

Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?
The first book My Gift to You: The Comfort Zone (3/24/2012-4/30/2013) captures thirteen months of my journey to the outer edge of my comfort zone during a time when my life was dominated by ego and the feelings of fear, uncertainty, doubt, stress, and worry. With the help of God, a mysterious acquaintance named Steel, and my heart connections, I discover the truth inside my heart and the essence of who I truly am. Each person is an amazing gift of God. To the world, we are our identities, but to God we are the world, created to serve our true divine purposes.
Excerpts available:

What are your forthcoming writings?
The second book captures the adventures when I boldly got off the fence and totally surrendered my faith to God. From the perspective of others within my circle of family and friends, I was completely out
of character. From my perspective, I was just embracing the changes I needed to make in order to return to my authentic self. I began seeing the magic of life in mind-blowing ways. I believe the veil that
separates us in time and distance is a very thin layer that keeps getting thinner. I believe in the power of love to dissolve all the barriers that we built to create separation in the first place. The second book is
all about that first step outside of the comfort zone, when I learned to dive into the creative deep end of my heart, to unleash the power of my imagination, and to enjoy the magic without controlling or
analyzing it.

The third book is still a work in progress.

What are your future plans?
Live, love, laugh, and work passionately.

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
I will write as authentically as possible, without compromising the best interest of others. I will purposefully protect sensitive information about others. I will write from my heart. I trust that God is with me every step of the way!

Your dream destination on Earth?
I love to travel and find something to enjoy about every place I visit, but there is no place like home. I consider myself very blessed to have opportunities to travel around the world and to be surrounded by family and friends when I am at home.  

Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed.
My origin of birth is Northeastern Pennsylvania.   I grew up in a small town but my heart was always dreaming beyond the reach of what I 'knew.' With every new place that I travel, I am filled with immense gratitude for it is truly beyond my wildest imagination.
Through work and leisure travel, I have visited twenty countries to-date.

What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?
Working together with colleagues and customers to meet demanding customer requirements and feeling like we are ONE team despite our footprints being scattered around the globe. I love everything when I visit these countries – the people, the sights, the sounds, the smell, and diversity in culture. Just as we are individuals but one in spirit, every country has its own identity yet I always find something to make me feel welcome and home away from home.

Your favorite time of the day? Meditation, especially during sunrise, sunset, and under the illumination of a full moon.

Your zodiac/ sunsign?  Virgo

Your favorite color and why? Green and blue, the colors of my hazel eyes.

Your favorite food?  Home cooked food made with organic ingredients.

Some quickies:
Sun or Moon,                                    Sun, unless it’s a new moon or full moon J
Laughter or Smile,                           Laughter
Morning or Evening,                       Morning
Coffee or Tea,                                   Coffee (morning); tea (afternoon, evening)
Mountain or Sea,                            Sea
Long Drive or Short Drive,            Long drive
Silence or Conversation,               Meditation & conversation by a fireplace
Water or Fire,                                    Fire
Air or Earth,                                        Earth
Mars or Jupiter,                                Venus
Tulip or Rose,                                     Rose
Red or Blue,                                       Blue
Left or Right,                                      Left
Glance or Stare                                 Stare

So What three words come to your mind for each –
Technology,                       Dreams made real.
Life,                                       Dream. Believe. Create.
God,                                      All is forgiven.
Humanity,                           We are one.
Terrorism,                           Manipulate by fear.
Racism,                                 United we stand.
Childhood Abuse,            Absence of love.
Love,                                     God is love.
Parenting,                           Love conquers all.
Old age                                 Mind over matter.

State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote
Never stop believing in your dreams or the power within you to make them come true.

The last line of your autobiography would be...
The rest is still unwritten.

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