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Author Interview: Giulia Napoli: Author of Oh Claire: An Intelligent Erotica At Its Best

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From Global Jele Publishing Company: Thirty-something Giulia Napoli grew up in East Lansing, Michigan where her father was a professor at Michigan State University. She earned a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Journalism from a prestigious Great Lakes area university. While an undergraduate, Giulia studied abroad for three years - a year each in London, Florence, and Brussels. Her interest in the many forms of erotica started and grew during her time in Europe. Giulia writes romantic erotica with themes of submission, hair fetishes, body modification and some surprising, unexpected, erotic twists thrown in. Her settings are often exotic and, especially in her new novel, "Oh Claire!," global in scope, reflecting her own well-traveled experiences.

Perhaps even more vivacious and sexy than her story's characters, Gi is married to a totally non-nerdy industrial scientist/executive. Her first child, a girl, was born December 14, 2012. She and her husband live in a major metropolitan area in the Great Lakes region of the USA. (Courtesy: Goodreads)

Welcome Gi.

Your real name and pen name?

Giulia Napoli is my real name and my pen name. What I won’t tell you, is whether that is my maiden name or married name. Both my husband and my father asked me not to reveal that, for as long as I write erotica.

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood

I had a very happy childhood. I always felt loved, wanted, and respected. My parents were supportive and attentive. They were always there for me, in spite of the fact that my father is a full professor in a university, and my mother is a professional, freelance photographer. So my best memories are of all the things I was able to do with them. Unfortunately, both sets of grandparents lived rather far from me, as is common in the United States: 500 km and 1100 km away respectively. However, the time I was able to spend with both my maternal and paternal grandparents was always wonderful.

Probably the highlight of my growing up was my first trip to Italy, for three weeks in 1992, when I was 13.
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About your education

I have a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in journalism.

What career did you plan during your education days?

I wanted to be a print journalist – which I have done – for both small and large news organizations. Nowadays, I still freelance from time to time for nearby suburban newspapers. I’ve toyed with the idea of being a television reporter or TV journalist, but have never pursued that seriously, because I got more interested in writing erotic stories and novels.

What languages you can speak and write?

I speak a dialect known as standard American English. That is, my “accent” is exactly that of most American television news reporters. I write in American or British English. I do have some speaking proficiency in Italian, French, Spanish and German.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

My brilliant scientist-husband. He has a depth of knowledge, thinking, and feeling that I’d never encountered before. Growing up, I was inspired by my maternal grandparents and several teachers in high school, along with my parents. My informal side comes from my father, and my more formal actions from my mother.
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What hurts you most in this world?

Children suffering. It tears me apart. I think as a race, we humans should be judged by how we treat our children. Often times, we’re sorely lacking.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?

A very close friend of mine died unexpectedly a couple years ago. That was a devastating event for me. It took me many months before I recovered enough emotionally to get past it. My husband was a tremendous help and very understanding.

If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?

I’ll admit to having trouble imagining myself as someone else. I suppose I’d pick someone with experiences not at all like mine. Perhaps I’d be a concubine in a harem, just to see what it was really like, since I do write about harems sometimes. If it had to be a real person, I think I’d pick someone like Joan of Arc. I’d really like to know if she actually talked to God, or if she were suffering from schizophrenia. I have no interest in being a man – not even for a day.
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What is your favorite genre and why?

I suppose it’s erotica, since that’s what I write, and I do like to read it. Though I love my own works, my other favorite erotic authors are Allan Aldiss and H. Dean. However, believe it or not, I’m also an avid science fiction fan. My favorite authors are Jack Chalker, J. P. Hogan, Isaac Azimov, Iain Banks, and my very favorite, Keith Caserta. I think I like Caserta because his characters are real, vivid and sexy, and his scifi is grounded in real science.

When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing?

I started writing when I was about ten-years-old. I wrote short stories and poems about what was important to me at that time in my life: friends, relationships, love, growing up. I started writing my first erotic short story, About Lena, a couple years ago. I write to titillate – and I freely admit it. But in addition, I write to draw the reader in to my story, make the reader care about my characters, send the reader on a trip with the characters that he or she didn’t expect, and leave them with something to think about. Based on reader feedback, my first full-length novel, Oh Claire! has had that effect on a large majority of readers.

Which of your work is published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?

I have a short story, About Lena, a novelette, Ashley’s Wedding, and a full-length novel, Oh Claire! published. They are all adult-oriented, erotic works featuring various themes and erotic topics including body modification, fetishes, dom/sub, hetero and bisexuality, sado-masochism, bondage, etc. All of the books are available on Amazon in Kindle format at all global sites, and, except for About Lena, at Barnes & Noble in ePub format. My Publisher is the Global Jele Publishing Company.
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I think Oh Claire! is a very erotic, unusually sensual, and titillating tale. It’s the story of the attractive, young American woman, Claire, who evolves into a stunning, sophisticated, continental enchantress, and who finally becomes a unique, exotic, ravishingly-sexual creature in an extraordinary setting. Oh Claire! tells of Claire’s relationship with Elliot, the urbane, cosmopolitan, confident man who centers her life - from intense passion to slowly developing true love - amid fierce sexual desire and personal change. Claire becomes the every woman that so many women strive to be, a dedicated lover and exciting companion to the particular man who is the focus of her desire. I tried to deliver the reader to a place of charm, delight and erotic bliss where they probably have never been, but for which they’ve always longed. If I can be so bold, I like to think of Oh Claire! as intelligent erotica at its best. The novel spans much of the universe of sensuality and sexuality including fetishes, piercing, tattooing and body modification, BDSM, sensory deprivation, submission, punishment, dominance, riveting heterosexuality and tasteful bisexuality. The erotica is woven through a story of growing love and personal evolution. I tried to treat the reader to a detailed, deeply moving look inside the minds of the characters so the reader would get to know them at a depth rarely seen in erotica.
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Ashley’s Wedding is an engaging story about a young woman’s submission, her dramatic change, and how she comes under another’s control. The novelette has something for everyone – S&M, dominance, fetishes, tattoos and body piercing, submission and forced transformation, and moving, exciting sex. It’s a probing look into Ashley’s dominance of Susan, and Susan’s and her husband’s response to how Ashley changes her. The story focusses on Susan’s evolution from beauty to erotica, from balance to submission, from ordinary to unusual. The surprise ending completes the tale by revealing what happens to Ashley, at the hands of her bridesmaids. I think the story emphasizes inventive erotica and personal evolution through unexpected change. It’s the tale of Susan’s transformation to the very different woman, Suzi, at the hands of her more aggressive cousin, Ashley.
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About Lena is a fun, sexy, erotic story of a woman who finds the thrills of sexual satisfaction, lust and completeness in submitting to the desire of her husband to change her. Lena, a bit timid, uncertain and very apprehensive at first, allows Brian to alter her to his desires, and finds her own blossoming, erotic nature along the way. The changes, the act of changing, and finally submitting to Brian’s will force Lena to undergo renewal in her own sexuality. The couple’s obvious attraction to each other as her evolution progresses is evident in the increasing fervor of their lovemaking and Lena’s response to her husband’s desires. In the end, Lena comes to realize her true self, what is supremely erotic to her, and her need to accede to her husband’s desires to achieve her own fulfillment. About Lena is, more than anything else, a journey from everyday existence, to the heights of partner-induced sexuality. I think the particulars excite many readers. But most readers will reexamine their own view of what it means to be different and to submit to sexually intoxicating behavior.

What are your forthcoming writings?

Because Oh Claire! readers wanted more, they persuaded me to write a sequel. The series that contains the Claire books is now called: To Be Perfectly Claire. The sequel to Oh Claire! is currently in the works – with a spring publication expected. It’s titled Not Very Claire, and the cover will look like this.

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What are your future plans?

My first child, a girl, just turned a year old last month. I suspect we have another child or two in our future, but at least a couple years from now. We just bought a new home, so I’ve been very busy decorating it. That will occupy a lot of my time for the next year. Of course, I’m writing the Oh Claire! sequel, and hope to have the draft to the publisher this spring. I may continue to freelance by writing human interest articles for various publications. I’ve been approached about a serial novelette in a monthly publication in the US – I haven’t decided whether or not to take that on.

By the way, my husband and I like to travel and, now that my daughter is a year old, we may spend a couple weeks this summer in Europe, taking her along. We also have a home on the East Coast of the US, where we spend some time throughout the year.

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?

I work very hard to create interesting characters with real depth. I develop a plot that makes the reader want to know what happens next and be reluctant to put the book down. I try to create a setting that is interesting, fun, and exciting, and with enough detail to make the reader really feel like he/she has been there.  And finally, careful, quality editing – I want my readers to love my prose, and not be distracted by typos, errors, or inconsistencies.

Your dream destination on Earth?

At this point in my life, it’s the Amalfi coast of Italy. I absolutely love it there, where I’ve been a number of times. However, there are many places in the world where I haven’t been, and would love to try. That includes: Bali; St. Petersburg, Russia; Hong Kong, China; Sidney, Australia & the Great Barrier Reef; Dubai, UAE; Mumbai, India; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Tibet; and anywhere in the United States where I haven’t been, including Denali National Park, Alaska.

Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?

I was born and grew up in the Lansing, Michigan suburb of East Lansing, in the Great Lakes region of the United States. Lansing is a small city with a metro population of about 500,000. By comparison, I now live in a metroplex (sprawling urban area) of over 3 million people. Countries I’ve visited include Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Morocco.

As mentioned above, based on my travels to date, Italy is my favorite by far. In particular, I love the food, the people and their infectious laughter, the breathtaking scenery, the climate, and the history. I’m lucky to live in the Unites States, with its sometimes crazy amalgamation of peoples from everywhere on earth. The areas of the United States where I’ve been are far too numerous to mention. The highlights include the cities of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Seattle; the intensely beautiful Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Utah, Hawaii, the Puget sound, Mt. Rainer and Mt. St. Helens, the Badlands, the Black Hills, the Smokey Mountains, the Cascade Mountains, the Great Lakes, the Gulf Coast, and on and on …

Your favorite time of the day?

Early morning, with my one-year-old daughter and late evening, with my husband.

Your zodiac/ sunsign?

I’m a Gemini, though I’m nothing like my sign would indicate. I guess I don’t put much stock in astrology.

Your favorite color and why?

I like a muted, sage green. There’s just something relaxing about that color.

Your favorite book and why?

There are so many, it would be very difficult to pick. In the past year or two, the book I enjoyed the most was a science fiction novel, Soul Searching, by Keith Caserta, because it made me think about things in a way I never had before.

Your favorite celebrity and why?

This changes a lot for me. I recently watched the entire “Sopranos” series and really liked James Gandolfini who, unfortunately, died recently. I also have an affinity to any actress who has the guts to really change her appearance – for example, Ann Hathaway’s brutal haircut for Les Miserables.

Your favorite food?

Alaskan king crab, steamed, served with butter.

Some quickies: Sun or Moon - sun, Laughter or Smile - smile, Morning or Evening – both, for different reasons, Coffee or Tea -coffee, Mountain or Sea - sea, Long Drive or Short Drive – long drive, Silence or Conversation - conversation, Water or Fire - water, Air or Earth - earth, Mars or Jupiter - Jupiter, Moon or Sun - sun, Tulip or Rose - rose, Red or Blue - blue, Left or Right - right, Glance or Stare - glance

State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote

“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.”

-        Ray Cummings, The Girl in the Golden Atom

I’ve always loved that quote.

The last line of your autobiography would be…

I did it my way.

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