Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ramayana: Who Won Who Lost

Scene 1:
Sita got delighted to see Ram at her Samyamvar and prayed to Shiva to make it happen in reality. And it happened. Sita was happy. Ram was happy. Both came to Ayodhaya. Both won.

Scene 2:
Ram had no comprehensions in leaving Ayodhaya and go for a banvas for 14 years as per the wishes of his stepmother and her forcing his father to make it happen. Dashrath died. Ram left with Sita. Everyone in Ayodhaya cried. Everyone was sad except Kakeyi and Manthra. Who won? Probably nobody. Even Kakeyi lost her husband and her own son later scolded her for this act.

Scene 3:
Ravan took away Sita forcefully. Ram started hunt for her and finally got to know about her whereabouts. He fought with Ravan and killed him. Sita returned back to Ram. Both happy. Both won.

Scene 4:
Ram and Sita come back to Ayodhaya. A washerman taunts over the state of situations under which Ram brought Sita back to Ayodhaya and Ram decides to leave Sita. Ram lost Sita. Sita lost Ram. Who won? Nobody.

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