Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: Newtons Law Reversed by Howard Roark: Meet Akash Ganga On Earth

Here is an interview of Howard Roark published just a few days back who is a big admirer of Ayn Rand and Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. And after interviewing him on my blog, I read Newton's Law Reversed: Conflict - Some evade, some efface while most embrace which is a debut novel from Howard Roark. As far as the story is concerned, though it is a fiction, it appears to carry some amount of Howard Roark himself in Akash (the main character of this story). Akash carries simplicity and truthfulness in his character and that is what is one of the strong points of the book among few other that are mentioned below.

The story of Newton's Law Reversed is simple and could be completed in one and a half page but it is the beauty in writing it in such a style that neither in a journey of 172 page, you get tired at any place; nor you lose your interest in the story. The pace of story remains intact throughout and it never loses its track from the focus. There are few more prominent characters in the book besides Akash who keep interacting with Akash in a philosophical style and keep intriguing him from different angles. There is Ganga - who lives in a far off small village and belongs to a poor family. Akash visits this village to attend one of his ailing family members and gets to know another side of life that he had never been able to touch or see. There is Ganesan who is retired from Indian Army and lives in the same village. Ganesan is a single entity in the whole village who is disliked by everyone. Nobody likes to talk to him and so is the attitude of Ganesan towards the villagers.

There is Venkat - Akash's father, who is full of logic and humor. Akash admires his father's scientific approach and reasoning behind anything in life. Akash is equally influenced by his mother Parvathy. Though Akash lives in Mumbai away from his parents, working in a company there but he never lost his values and ethics even though he equally values his friends in Mumbai and enjoys life along with them - boozing, partying etc. Ganga is one character that he finds in his life who shakes his modern life beliefs and brings her back towards truth and love, and their value in life. 

If you like to go for a simple and neat read that is a complete balance of philosophy and reality of life though via a fiction story; if you like chirping of birds, talking to nature, intriguing yourself; then this is a must read for you. Best part of this book is that it qualifies to be re-read again and again and I bet that every time you read it, you are going to get something new in it. The credit goes to Howard Roark that despite belonging to the modern and young generation, he has been able to write a beautiful story in Newton's Law Reversed, that is an honest and sincere submission of a very different kind of creativity.

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