Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Book Review: Fond Farewells By Rebecca Trowbridge: I Will Miss You Old Friend

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Fond Farewells by Rebecca Trowbridge is not a book of merely 40 odd pages comprising of some words and few lines, it is a lot more than that. You will be able to understand it only once you have it in your hands and you read it with your mind and heart with each word flowing in through your eyes, settling down at some place in heart, shaking some grey cells in the brain where old memories are stored, to stir them up, shake them up, unfreeze them to give you a flight back to your friends you met, you lived with, you played with, you laughed with, you cried with and at some juncture of your life, you departed.

Fond Farewells is an international book awards winner from under 'Children's Picture Book: Softcover Fiction'. In the same competition the book was a finalist under 'Children's Mind/Body/Spirit' category. The book is also a finalist in Indie Excellence Book Awards under 'Childrens Inspirational/ Motivational' category. Fond Farewells is a collection of four poem stories that are illustrated in a beautiful and inspirational way making farewells soothing and sweet by saying goodbye in a comfortable way with a hope of meeting again sometime somewhere in life.

I would rate this  book as 5 on a scale of 5 and would recommend it to be read by any age person having a child within. You will really enjoy the illustrations, words and the manner in which it takes you away down the memory lane.
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