Thursday, December 12, 2013

Short Story: Why Draupdi Preferred To Go For An Outing With Arjun Only

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Soon after Draupdi became Panchali by accident when her mother-in-law told her five sons to share whatever they had brought, she had internally starting admiring Arjun more than her other 4 husbands. Probably Kunti never imagined it was not ‘what’, it was ‘who’. And hence Draupdi became wife of five Pandav brothers.

One fine Sunday five brothers had a bet about who will take Draupdi out for shopping. And they decided to go to her and offer her for an outing, one by one. First it was Yudhishtir, who had a full beard. He proposed Draupdi for an outing to a nearby mall and promised to get her a diamond necklace, but was shocked when she politely refused with a smile. The same happened with Nakul and Sahdev for the same reason. Now only Bheem and Arjun were left in the race.

Bheem, who had a French cut beard, was next to go and offer, but had a same polite nah from Draupdi. Finally it was Arjun who went and before he could ask, it was Draupdi who requested Arjun to take her for an outing for the day. Arjun knew in his heart "My clean shaven look bowled her over".

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