Wednesday, November 20, 2013

YA Epic Fantasy Cover Release: Jaded Stone: by Kelly Walker: Book Releasing 20th Nov 2013

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Jaded Stone - Souls of the Stones by Kelly Walker is just a few hours away for release. The cover of the book is quite strong in conveying the message to its readers. Jaded Stone is a Young Adult (YA) epic and is a prequel to her Souls of the Stones series.There will be a #ShowOfStrength starting immediately along with the release of Jaded Stone.

#SHOWOFSTRENGTH is about woman power that the author Kelly Walker is emphasizing upon in this book. It is about the inner strength that everyone carries within but its realization happens only at an appropriate time. That is what happens with the lead character Valencia Roth when she all of a sudden realizes her inner strength. Valencia Roth died while protecting her daughter in Corner Stone but in Jaded Stone, she is going to live for her. 

Enjoy the cover, and realize how amazingly interesting Jaded Stone - Souls of the Stones by Kelly Walker is going to be.

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