Sunday, November 03, 2013

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons: A Strong Backbone Differentiates A Human Being From Jellyfish

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The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri has been written in a dual, parallel narrative manner with the two leads Aditya and Radhika, narrating about their individual life in this 318 pages interestingly written fiction love story. Sid has a tremendously strong and engaging writing style. The reader gets totally engrossed and hooked into the individual life of the two lead characters of this novel - Aditya and Radhika, that crosses each other not once, not twice but thrice. The tag line 'Not all love stories are perfect; but then, neither are people' rightly fits into the strong story line of The Homing Pigeons' written by Sid Bahri.

Sid has been able to fill in some reality factors into the story by taking into account the riots that happened countrywide post Indira Gandhi's murder due to which many Sikh families changed their names altogether to reflect them as non-sikh Hindu. Similarly Sid has taken recession as a major factor that impacts the life of Aditya in a very big way changing the whole direction of his life. Aditya was a sikh boy when Radhika from a distant location joins her college in Chandigarh for studies in Accounts.
Radhika's English is as bad as Aditya's accounting knowledge. Both silently start loving each other but neither dared to disclose it to other and get busy into their individual journey after passing out from the college.

All of a sudden a negative wave against Sikh community in the country, Aditya's family business that was flourishing well, gets looted and destroyed totally, during the riots, that results in change of name of the family to Sharmas and thus Aditya Sharma name evolves. Circumstances, in the lives of both Aditya and Radhika, unite them in Delhi when they join Citi Bank as trainees. Once again the love between the two flourishes but again did not materialize as
Aditya's parents did not agree to marry him to an out of caste girl and also belonging to a low standard family.

Overall this engrossing story of The Homing Pigeons written by Sid Bahri revolves you around Aditya and Radhika, in their own narrative style. You, as a reader become an integral part of their ups and downs, their happiness and sorrows, their struggle within, their fight outside, their individual tracks and their tracks crossing each other's from time to time. Grab it to enjoy this fantastic, and an altogether different kind of love story. 
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