Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review: 5 Ancient Principles Of Leadership: A Collection of 5 Real Gems Of Life

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5 Ancient Principles Of Leadership by Jack Myrick is a small and crisp 91 pages fable of a ship builder that enlightens with 5 fundamental rules to be followed to achieve success in life for any person engaged in any kind of business. It gives you an insight of the rules followed by successful persons for achieving their goals in life. The book is a real collection of 5 precious gems of life.

The story revolves around Marcus, a small time shipbuilder struggling with his business of building ships. He lives with his beautiful and helpful wife Arayliss and their 3 daughters. Macrus lives near Mediterranean sea in Athens having a task of building a ship for his running contract with a person called Mathis. Julius is one of the most trusted craftsmen of Marcus who is very loyal and helpful, but he feels helpless when he see Marcus always struggling to meet his timelines of delivering ships to the contractor due to various reasons - manpower shortage, engagement of his people to work, having no system in place and so on.

Marcus is very sad one night when he see no light at the end of he tunnel for delivering his current order of building a ship to Mathis. Barnabas, on the other hand, is a master shipbuilder in the same vicinity with a huge empire of his own and having big time contracts in hand. Barnabas is always able to retain his people, delivery his orders in time, keep his men happy and minting money like anything by getting success in all his ventures.

Arayliss suggests Marcus one night over dinner, when she finds Marcus totally in a frustrated mood for not able to manage his business, to meet Barnabas and learn how he manages his business so well. Marcus fearful of his failures and the heights achieved by Barnabas is sure that he will not get entertained by Barnabas being his competitor in the trade. But when Arayliss suggests Marcus that there is no comparison between Marcus, a small timer shipbuilder, and the most successful ship trader of Athens, Barnabas; and hence there is no harm if Marcus tries to meet Barnabas and tries to understand the crux of business to achieve success in his current project and get out of regular mode of failure.

This one event of a meeting of Marcus with Barnabas brings wonders in the life of Marcus and changes his life forever. He gets to know the basic principles of life on how to manage any kind of projects in life from Barnabas and thereby achieving success in meeting his timelines for not only the current shipbuilding contract for all to come in his life after that moment. The 5 mantras given to Marcus by Barnabas are real gems to learn for any person to achieve success in life. 
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