Thursday, September 05, 2013

You Can Decide Life Of Your Tweet In A Simple Manner

Imagine you shoot a tweet on twitter and the information it carries is time bound. Beyond that time the information carried in that tweet will become stale and shall be of no use. For example you tweet about your travel to some destination. Once you reach that destination the tweet you released earlier will keep conveying the message that you are still travelling - whereas you are not. What if the moment you reach your destination, the tweet vanishes from Twitter.

There are ample number of such examples for such tweets. So next time if you tweet add a relevant hashtag to denote the expiry of your tweet. For example - <your tweet message> #5d shall mean the tweet will vanish from twitter after 5 days. So #9h means 9 hours, #2d means 2 days, #1y means 1 year and #15m shall mean 15 minutes.

How to do it: Go to spirit url, bind it with your twitter account and start tweeting with their expiry timelines.The application has been developed by Pierre Legrain and ex-Twitter Engineer.

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